About Eco lawn

My name is Robert and I'm the founder of Eco Lawn Utah. I started working in lawn fertilization at age 14 in New Jersey. After a decade of work, I got tired of the sloppy environmental practices throughout the industry, and decided to start a company that would do things more responsibly. I looked around the country for a place where people were both well-informed and health-conscious, and decided the perfect place would be in Utah.

I started the company in 2011, basing everything on my belief that a lawn's ecosystem is more resilient when supported with a healthy balance of nutrients rather than being drenched with synthetic chemicals. Thanks to word-of-mouth promotion from our loyal clients, the growth of Eco Lawn has far exceeded my expectations. I'm loving it here in Utah and am excited to provide you with a healthy lawn and a safer neighborhood.

Eco Lawn is run by family and long-time family friends. We strive to have a great company culture that values our clients and our environment. An integral part of our company culture is the desire to give back to the world. In the past, we have supported clean water initiatives. Now that our small company has reached maturity, we are able to do so much more. This year, we have partnered with CharityVision to pay for eye surgeries in developing countries. As we continue to grow, we will fund a music program that teaches refugees and kids who struggle with depression and suicide. Each of Eco Lawn's charitable initiatives come from the passions of our team members. The potential to do good for the world gives us renewed enthusiasm every day.

- Owner, Robert AhPing

Our Values

1. Do business like Abraham.

We give our clients and each other the benefit of the doubt and the better end of the deal. We give our best, we serve enthusiastically, and we let karma do its work.

2. Service is our thing.

We are here to serve our clients. Period. Nothing is more important than making our clients glad that they chose us.

3. We walk the walk.

Our clients show faith and trust in us when they choose EcoLawn. We only do those things which will maintain and develop that trust. We say what we believe. We do what we say.

4. We are always getting better.

Stagnation is death. As individuals and as a company, we continually strive for growth and improvement. From the owner to the technicians to the office administrators, we want to do and be better, always. To this end, we read and research. We ask questions and seek for understanding. We actively watch for developments in our field. We find better ways to do what we do. And we never stop the quest.

5. We listen.

We've found in life that often, the best thing we can do, is shut our mouths and open our ears. We know that we can only serve effectively when we listen respectfully. We actively listen to each other and to our clients.

6. Make the world better.

Whether we're talking about the physical earth (the very ground we walk on), the lives of individuals on this planet, the communities we live and work in, or society at large, we are determined to leave this earth better than we found it. This is an everyday endeavor. Each choice we make takes us closer or farther from that goal.

7. Happiness is the point.

The main objective of Eco Lawn employees is creating happiness and well-being. We believe happiness comes from giving our best, learning from mistakes, continually growing in all facets of life, serving others, showing integrity, maintaining good relationships, and knowing that what we do makes a positive difference in the world. So that's what we do. It just so happens that we are lucky enough to make money at the same time.

8. We are the best.

We're not being cocky. We truly believe that as we live these core values, we will naturally rise to the top, and find that we truly are the best.

- Team Eco Lawn

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