Flower Beds

What does the Flower Bed Package include?

Navigating the Unique World of Plants and Weeds At Eco Lawn, we understand that one person’s weed might be another’s cherished plant. Identifying what to treat as a weed and what to preserve as a plant can be quite a puzzle. Our team is skilled in distinguishing between the two, but the beauty of nature lies in its diversity – and sometimes, what is considered a weed can be a deliberate, beautiful part of your garden.

We encourage you to communicate any specific preferences or unique plants in your garden. If you have special requests or plants that may seem unconventional but are valuable to you, let us know. By keeping this information on file, we ensure our technicians are aware and respectful of your garden’s individuality. This way, our service is not just about weed control, but about nurturing your garden in the way you envision it.

Communication is key in our partnership. By understanding your specific needs and preferences, we can provide a service that aligns perfectly with your vision for your garden. Let’s work together to create a space that reflects your unique taste and love for nature.