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You'll Get A Green, Weed Free Lawn & Peace Of Mind

  • Premium Quality Eco-friendly Lawn Care Products
  • Safer For Children, Pets & The Environment
  • Above & Beyond Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care & Weed Control

We pride ourselves on being safer for the environment and your family while also being effective in making your lawn beautiful from the soil up.

The Eco-Lawn Advantage

Unmatched experience, expertise and quality equals unmatched results for your lawn.

 Eco-Friendly Products

  • We use safer products than traditional lawn fertilization companies.
  • We use the highest quality Eco-friendly lawn care products available.
  • We supercharge the organic nutrients and healthy microorganisms of your lawn and soil.

Safer for Children,
 Pets & the Environment

  • Your children and pets can play in the yard within an hour of application.
  • Our fertilizers have organic soil conditioners from natural sources and are slow-release to limit damage to the environment.
  • We use the least toxic weed control on the market.

Above & Beyond Customer Service

  • Our technicians are highly skilled, licensed experts on lawn care services and products.
  • We have local customer service representatives dedicated to making sure you get the service you deserve. You can call or text us anytime.
  • We guarantee your 100% satisfaction!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not happy with a treatment or service we provide, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

We offer free weed touch-ups and service calls in between treatments when needed.

We want our customers to trust us, to know that we will solve problems, and feel they are getting the service they deserve.
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Results That Speak For Themselves

Real customers, real results over a few months of service. We supercharge your grass and soil with nutrients and organisms to protect, strengthen and create a healthy lawn.

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EcoLawn is the most innovative lawncare fertilization company in Utah. Rob's commitment to understand soil science and create live, microbe-rich, liquid soil applications--and the results we see, debunks the myth of synthetic fertilizers. ..."
- Dee Downing, Heber, UT Submitted 2018-06-02 15:18:04
- Michelle Moore, Charlestone, UT Submitted 2018-08-13 12:36:25
Honest and professional company. Highly recommended."
- Steven P. Heber City, , UT Submitted 2019-01-22 01:10:16
Eco lawn has been treating our lawn in Heber Utah for the past 8 years, and the lawn looks better every year. I have never had any complaints "
- Neal Bowlen, Midway, UT Submitted 2019-01-23 22:22:44
Our experience with ECOLAWN has been top notch. The service is personal, reliable and our lawn looks great. We have a dog and small children and feel confident that the service they provide is the safest option out there. I would recommend ECOLAWN..."
- Kristina, Charlestone, UT Submitted 2019-02-20 03:57:05
I love knowing that harmful chemicals are not being pumped into the ground where I live. EcoLawn does a great job, and our lawn looks as good or better than when we used a different company. "
- Linda C., Heber, UT Submitted 2019-02-25 20:42:05
I've been a customer of Ecolawn for several years and I am so happy to have found a company I can trust to use safe products on my yard. I did a lot of research with local companies before I found Ecolawn and they have proven to be knowledgable and..."
- Roberta Chase, Heber, UT Submitted 2019-02-27 18:54:23
What I like about Ecolawn is: 1. They absolutely get back to you by phone, email or text very shortly after you contact them. 2. They aren't into nasty, toxic chemicals. They try to go green as much as possible. We have been with at least 3..."
- Kathleen J. Brown, Heber, UT Submitted 2019-02-28 00:24:58
I found EcoLawn when I was looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives for lawn care and control the weeds in my big yard, last year after using them for the first time I saw a huge improvement and plan to use them again this year! Only..."
- Mariana Halliday, Midway, UT Submitted 2019-03-06 02:57:28
I wanted a company that did not use harmful chemicals on our lawn. Are all of the weeds completely destroyed No. If you want that then go with a company that dumps round-up on your lawn. Great service. Responsive and good to work with. Highly..."
- Amanda Lambert, Heber, UT Submitted 2019-03-06 14:21:37
We wanted lawn service company that used organic fertilizer and no toxic chemicals. Eco lawn has worked with us to make sure there are no toxic weed killers on our back lawn so it will be safe for our dog and of course the humans too. Our lawn..."
- Patty D, Timerlakes, UT Submitted 2019-03-06 22:03:39
I highly recommend Eco Lawn for your lawn service needs, this will be our 3rd using their services and couldn't be happier. They are professional, punctual and easy to work with. Our yard is looking so much better thanks to Eco Lawn!"
- Laurie Newfarmer, Heber, UT Submitted 2019-03-11 17:53:07
EcoLawn has been fantastic. Weve only used them for 1 year, but our lawn already looks better than it ever has. They have been responsive to my requests and costs are reasonable. Most importantly, I feel good about avoiding using toxic chemicals in..."
- Matt Schelble, Heber, UT Submitted 2019-03-12 22:27:17
I started with EcoLawn last fall because I desired a more natural approach with less chemicals. And the standard approach didnt have my lawn in the best shape. I am really impressed with their customer service. Calls were promptly returned and the..."
- Kathy M, Midway, UT Submitted 2019-03-16 02:32:42
I own a rental property and a tenant who was responsible for watering failed to water. The lawn nearly completely died, bind weed as well as other weeds took over. I got the watering situation fixed, but the lawn still struggled goth weeds. I hired..."
- Sharon Roper, Midway, UT Submitted 2020-02-14 08:46:49
We have been using Ecolawn for the past 2 years. We didn't like the chemical exposure that other companies are notorious for and we were looking for high quality products and effectiveness! Because honestly, what good is paying for a lawn care..."
- Shaunna, Daniel, UT Submitted 2020-02-15 06:51:19
Have used Eco Lawn for a few years. They are professional and very reliable. A joy to work with, always give me time to come home and puts dogs in while they treat. And its safe for my fur babies. The lawn has never looked better! "
- Susan Carlton Oquendo, Heber, UT Submitted 2020-02-15 07:04:48
I had such a great experience working with Eco lawn! I definitely would recommend them. I would get an email and day or two before they were scheduled to come out. And I'd come home and have a flag in my yard knowing that they sprayed my lawn. It..."
- Dawn, Midway, UT Submitted 2020-04-03 07:24:55
we started ecolawn at the end of the season last year. Our lawn was looking really sad and needed something. after ecolawn came we were very impressed at how fast our lawn was looking better. We are excited for this year to get a full season..."
- Jan Christensen, Charlestone, UT Submitted 2020-04-08 06:16:05
Great company. Efficient, courteous, and well priced. "
- Gary B, Charlestone, UT Submitted 2020-05-06 05:05:13
EcoLawn has been coming to my home for about 3 or 4 summers now. They always notify me ahead of time as to when they will be visiting and take pride in their work. I love the Green products they use on the grass, as I have outdoor pets and these..."
- Cindy, Heber, UT Submitted 2020-05-19 20:43:18
I tried another earth-friendly company but just couldn't get the service I wanted. Eco Lawn was reliable, inexpensive, and got beautiful results."
- Julie, Midway, UT Submitted 2020-05-19 20:50:43
EcoLawn's consistent impeccable service and vibrant results to all our accounts has made me a loyal customer for over 8 years--and, it's done all organically. This protects our water quality, native pollinators and other untold nuances in Nature's..."
- Red Ant Works, Inc. , Midway, UT Submitted 2020-06-20 23:08:09
The staff knows the products they use, and explain what each does. Always friendly and professional. "
- Carol Fulton, Heber, UT Submitted 2020-07-03 07:21:52
We had a bad experience with TrueGreen plus with 2 small kids were looking for a safer alternative. EcoLawn was great to work with and the lawn looked great. We also had a box elder bug tree issue- 1 email to Ecolawn and they were able to send..."
- Erica, Heber, UT Submitted 2020-07-03 07:25:50
Eco Lawn has been our preferred lawncare provider for 2 years and will be again this year. We appreciate their great communication, consistent reliable service, and their ability to make our lawn look great. "
- April, Charlestone, UT Submitted 2020-08-18 04:25:30
I have used Eco Lawn for many years and their individualized, personal attention to any lawn care problem I have had is why I will never use anyone else. They are simply the best! "
- Andy Gotshalk, Midway, UT Submitted 2020-09-20 20:31:55
Very responsive. The lawn is looking really good. Its economical and I dont have to hassle with a bunch of chemicals and fertilizer. I also like the Eco part. "
- Wayne Niederhauser, Daniel, UT Submitted 2020-09-26 17:39:19
Ecolawn treats several yards for me...I have been happy and impressed with their service, communication and most importantly the RESULTS ARE GREAT! I own a landscape company and they do treatments for many of my clients, and each lawn they've..."
- XSCAPE LANDSCAPE, Midway, UT Submitted 2020-10-26 17:39:34
EcoLawn's earth friendly treatments are great! My lawn looks better than my neighbors who use more conventional lawn care companies. There technician is always on time and is easy to communicate with when issues arise. I love the fact that this..."
- E. Williams, Heber, UT Submitted 2021-03-04 18:02:47
Will first of all Im so happy doing business with ecolawn. They have good prices then anyone, and when they give you a date that they are going to come they come. 100% satisfied "
- Miguel, Park City, UT Submitted 2019-02-19 21:01:12
These guys show up when they say they will, provide the services you've asked for, and give suggestions when needed. And they'll get your lawn healthy! Good service, good price, great value."
- Mike B., Park City, UT Submitted 2019-02-20 23:01:16
Eco Lawn has done a great job of keeping our lawn weed-free and healthy. When they started treating our lawn we had tons of bermuda grass which is now nonexistent."
- L. Malouf, Park City, UT Submitted 2019-03-09 16:32:11
We have been customers of Ecolawn for over two years and have been very pleased with their prompt and professional service. We are especially glad that the lawn fertilization is environmentally safe."
- Karrie S, Park City, UT Submitted 2019-03-15 22:27:13
I have used Eco Lawn for many years and their individualized, personal attention to any lawn care problem I have had is why I will never use anyone else. They are simply the best!"
- AmyP, Park City, UT Submitted 2019-03-18 03:51:16
- Michael, Park City, UT Submitted 2019-04-10 15:37:06
Eco Lawn is great. We used their service for the first time last summer and were very satisfied with their work and environment-friendly product. We appreciate that they communicate well by giving notice prior to treatment and responding to any..."
- Wayne & Debra Demke, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-02-14 08:48:19
I own a Landscape business, and I was looking for a company to help my customers with their yard fertilization needs since it's not one of our specialties...I met Tim at a gas station and our business relationship began. After they began treating..."
- X-SCAPE LANDSCAPE ( Jared.C), Park City, UT Submitted 2020-02-18 04:26:36
We have been using EcoLawn for several years. When we first hired them our lawn had never consistently looked green and healthy. After the first year of using EcoLawn, our lawn was lush and green. They inform you ahead of time when they will be out..."
- Heather, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-04-08 06:15:28
Ecolawn does a great job with always giving notice to when they will service your lawn and are very responsive if you need to reschedule. Our lawn looks fantastic and we owe it to Ecolawn. "
- Chad, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-05-03 07:22:31
I love how the treatments keep my lawns looking great!! "
- Kim Lange, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-06-03 07:28:31
Ecolawn is a joy to work with. They use sustainable, environmentally friendly treatments. They have great billing options. They are reliable and easy to get in touch with. Their services are great."
- Karen Funseth, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-07-19 20:55:08
Eco Lawn is awesome. They always tell me when they're coming ahead of time and bill me promptly. Plus, my lawn is green and weed-free. "
- Natalie Conforto, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-07-26 17:41:09
Great service, reliable and always do what they say they're going to do. We've been using Ecolawn for years and highly recommend them. "
- Joe and Jeni Libin, Park City, UT Submitted 2020-08-03 07:27:54
they do an outstanding job - always prompt and friendly"
- Lynn, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2019-02-15 19:20:26
Service is prompt and courteous. I am always forewarned of the schedule. The products make my lawn look good. Tim has been knowledgeable and attentive to any problems between treatments"
- Marc D., Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2019-02-28 17:09:49
We've been very happy with the service we've recieved. We have a lawn where there once was none!"
- Leah, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2019-03-02 18:09:06
- Rick G., Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2019-03-06 02:06:36
Easy scheduling (and rescheduling if needed), glad to know there is a safer option for lawn care. Great customer service, very responsive. Reasonable pricing."
- Ashley, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2019-03-06 16:20:10
Tim and Rob obviously care about taking great care of their customers and lawns. They use environmentally friendly, less toxic lawn treatments with great results. If a weed pops up, they'll come and spot treat it in a timely manner. Customer service..."
- Robert Corson, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-02-14 08:47:41
Tim and his crew are reliable and dependable and always arrive the day they say they will be there. Results are outstanding! "
- Carol Powers, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-04-03 07:22:55
Ecolawn is the best lawn care company I could find in Salt Lake. They listen, they care, they know a lot, and the education and ongoing communications with customers are clear and responsible. I recommend them to all who care about minimizing..."
- Diane Bradford, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-04-08 06:14:51
- Carol Hunter Skony, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-04-21 14:15:51
The service has been consistent and affordable and we appreciate the difference that it makes with our lawn. "
- Joshua, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-05-06 05:06:00
Tim is always punctual, considerate and, at least in my experience, tuned in to each individual client's concerns."
- Elaine J., Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-05-19 20:48:45
We love the service we have received from EcoLawn. They are really great to work with. They are committed to making my lawn look beautiful. Thank you Ecolawn for meeting my expectations of a beautiful green and weed free lawn, all while valuing..."
- Karri Oldham, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-07-19 20:51:43
Great communication and service. Our lawn did great last summer and look forward to using them again. It was important to have a service which worked hard to protect the environment as much as possible. Having a lawn provides enough guilt by..."
- Weston Clark, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-08-15 06:52:12
I was searching for an organic lawn care company and very happily came upon Ecolawn. I use their services at my home in Holladay and also at our school and have been very happy with their service, their prices and communication. I highly recommend..."
- Robyn Eriwata-Buchanan, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-08-18 04:27:10
It worked. Grass was fuller, greener, and had fewer invasions after using them. "
- Nate, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-08-26 17:40:36
Great service. Come when they say they will. Products make our lawns look amazing! "
- M&D Blankman, Salt Lake City, UT Submitted 2020-09-20 23:12:07
We love the service you provide our lawn and stripe along the strip. We had runners sprouting from the seedless cotton woods we had removed over a year ago. You sprayed with a special formula that slowed down the grow and removed most of them. We..."
- Brian T Seitzinger, , UT Submitted 2021-04-06 05:19:44

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