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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care
Fertilization & Weed Control

You'll Get A Green, Weed Free Lawn & Peace Of Mind

  • Highest Quality Eco-friendly Lawn Care Products
  • Safer For Children, Pets & The Environment
  • Above & Beyond Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Eco Lawn Advantage


Highest Quality
Eco-friendly Products

  • We use safer products than traditional lawn fertilization companies.
  • We use the highest quality Eco-friendly products available.
  • We supercharge the organic nutrients and healthy microorganisms of your lawn and soil.

Safer For Children
Pets & The Environment

  • Your children and pets can play in the yard within an hour of application.
  • Our fertilizers have organic soil conditioners from natural sources and are slow-release to limit damage to the environment.
  • We use the least toxic weed control on the market.

Above & Beyond
Customer Service

  • Our technicians are highly skilled, licensed experts on lawn care services and products.
  • We have local customer service representatives dedicated to making sure you get the service you deserve. You can call or text us anytime.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you are not happy with a treatment or service we provide, we will work with you until you are satisfied.
  • We offer free weed touch-ups and service calls in between treatments when needed.
  • We want our customers to trust us, to know that we will solve problems, and feel they are getting the service they deserve.

Safer, Effective, Eco Friendly Lawn Care

We pride ourselves on being safer for the environement and your family while also being effective in making your lawn beautiful from the soil up.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

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A Reputation
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Rated 5 Stars - 103 Reviews

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I own a rental property and a tenant who was responsible for watering failed to water. The lawn nearly completely died, bind weed as well as other weeds took over. I got the watering situation fixed, but the lawn still struggled goth weeds. I hired Ecolawn. It took several years but The lawn is now weed free and beautiful. "
Submitted 2020-02-14 08:46:49
We have been using Ecolawn for the past 2 years. We didn't like the chemical exposure that other companies are notorious for and we were looking for high quality products and effectiveness! Because honestly, what good is paying for a lawn care company (eco-friendly or not) if I still have a yard full of weeds? Ecolawn has been fantastic. Their staff is professional and prompt and they communicate wonderfully. For example, they were scheduled to come on a day that it rained. They emailed and called to let me know the treatment would be a day late in order to ensure effectiveness. The prices are very competitive and I love that we are not exposing our family to all the nasty chemicals that other companies use. They spot treat most weeds so they don't have to spray the whole lawn each time, and they have been able to knock out some pretty stubborn weeds. "
Submitted 2020-02-15 06:51:19
Have used Eco Lawn for a few years. They are professional and very reliable. A joy to work with, always give me time to come home and puts dogs in while they treat. And it?s safe for my fur babies. The lawn has never looked better! "
Submitted 2020-02-15 07:04:48
Eco Lawn has been our preferred lawncare provider for 2 years and will be again this year. We appreciate their great communication, consistent reliable service, and their ability to make our lawn look great. "
Submitted 2020-02-18 04:25:30
I have used Eco Lawn for many years and their individualized, personal attention to any lawn care problem I have had is why I will never use anyone else. They are simply the best! "
Submitted 2020-02-20 20:31:55
Very responsive. The lawn is looking really good. Its economical and I dont have to hassle with a bunch of chemicals and fertilizer. I also like the Eco part. "
Submitted 2020-02-26 17:39:19
Ecolawn treats several yards for me...I have been happy and impressed with their service, communication and most importantly the RESULTS ARE GREAT! I own a landscape company and they do treatments for many of my clients, and each lawn they've treated looks soooooo much healthier and greener since! I love this company. Call them asap "
Submitted 2020-02-26 17:39:34
The staff knows the products they use, and explain what each does. Always friendly and professional. "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:21:52
I had such a great experience working with Eco lawn! I definitely would recommend them. I would get an email and day or two before they were scheduled to come out. And I'd come home and have a flag in my yard knowing that they sprayed my lawn. It was that easy and my lawn was always so green and never got weeds! Plus it's pet and kid friendly! I also liked that I would get an email with my invoice and an option to pay right then. If I forgot to pay they'd send me a text or email reminding me. There was never any annoying calls every day asking for payments or trying to get me to buy more. They were very reliable, honest, respectful and just had great customer service overall! I recommended them to a few of my friends and they all said the same thing. Give them a chance to make you as happy as they have made me! "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:24:55
We had a bad experience with TrueGreen plus with 2 small kids were looking for a safer alternative. EcoLawn was great to work with and the lawn looked great. We also had a box elder bug tree issue- 1 email to Ecolawn and they were able to send someone to treat that ASAP with great results. We'll use them again this year "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:25:50
Great company. Efficient, courteous, and well priced. "
Submitted 2020-03-06 05:05:13
we started ecolawn at the end of the season last year. Our lawn was looking really sad and needed something. after ecolawn came we were very impressed at how fast our lawn was looking better. We are excited for this year to get a full season service in. We highly recommend ecolawn if your lawn is needing that extra help. Thank you EcoLawn!! "
Submitted 2020-03-08 06:16:05
EcoLawn has been coming to my home for about 3 or 4 summers now. They always notify me ahead of time as to when they will be visiting and take pride in their work. I love the Green products they use on the grass, as I have outdoor pets and these products are safe for them and my family.... Love them! The prices are very affordable! Wish they had a lawn service also! "
Submitted 2020-05-19 20:43:18
I tried another earth-friendly company but just couldn't get the service I wanted. Eco Lawn was reliable, inexpensive, and got beautiful results."
Submitted 2020-05-19 20:50:43
Eco Lawn is great. We used their service for the first time last summer and were very satisfied with their work and environment-friendly product. We appreciate that they communicate well by giving notice prior to treatment and responding to any questions or concerns we had. We will be repeat customers and have no hesitation in recommending them. "
Submitted 2020-02-14 08:48:19
I own a Landscape business, and I was looking for a company to help my customers with their yard fertilization needs since it's not one of our specialties...I met Tim at a gas station and our business relationship began. After they began treating one of my clients yard, I was super impressed with the results ...they now help me with many yards and I prefer them to anyone I can. they are very quick to begin services, show up promptly, are super nice and friendly....the lawns have never looked better since Ecolawn began treating them....thanks guys "
Submitted 2020-02-18 04:26:36
Eco Lawn is awesome. They always tell me when they're coming ahead of time and bill me promptly. Plus, my lawn is green and weed-free. "
Submitted 2020-02-26 17:41:09
Ecolawn does a great job with always giving notice to when they will service your lawn and are very responsive if you need to reschedule. Our lawn looks fantastic and we owe it to Ecolawn. "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:22:31
Great service, reliable and always do what they say they're going to do. We've been using Ecolawn for years and highly recommend them. "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:27:54
I love how the treatments keep my lawns looking great!! "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:28:31
Ecolawn is a joy to work with. They use sustainable, environmentally friendly treatments. They have great billing options. They are reliable and easy to get in touch with. Their services are great. "
Submitted 2020-03-06 05:06:53
We have been using EcoLawn for several years. When we first hired them our lawn had never consistently looked green and healthy. After the first year of using EcoLawn, our lawn was lush and green. They inform you ahead of time when they will be out for treatment, are prompt, efficient, and always available to answer any of your questions. I would highly recommend EcoLawn for all your lawn needs. "
Submitted 2020-03-08 06:15:28
Ecolawn is a joy to work with. They use sustainable, environmentally friendly treatments. They have great billing options. They are reliable and easy to get in touch with. Their services are great."
Submitted 2020-05-19 20:55:08
Ecolawn is a joy to work with. They use sustainable, environmentally friendly treatments. They have great billing options. They are reliable and easy to get in touch with. Their services are great. "
Submitted 2020-05-19 20:51:08
Tim and Rob obviously care about taking great care of their customers and lawns. They use environmentally friendly, less toxic lawn treatments with great results. If a weed pops up, they'll come and spot treat it in a timely manner. Customer service is excellent and it is clear that the owners are involved in the day to day operations of the business. "
Submitted 2020-02-14 08:47:41
Great communication and service. Our lawn did great last summer and look forward to using them again. It was important to have a service which worked hard to protect the environment as much as possible. Having a lawn provides enough guilt by itself. Thanks for your help! "
Submitted 2020-02-15 06:52:12
I was searching for an organic lawn care company and very happily came upon Ecolawn. I use their services at my home in Holladay and also at our school and have been very happy with their service, their prices and communication. I highly recommend them. "
Submitted 2020-02-18 04:27:10
Great service. Come when they say they will. Products make our lawns look amazing! "
Submitted 2020-02-20 23:12:07
It worked. Grass was fuller, greener, and had fewer invasions after using them. "
Submitted 2020-02-26 17:40:36
Tim and his crew are reliable and dependable and always arrive the day they say they will be there. Results are outstanding! "
Submitted 2020-03-03 07:22:55
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