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At Ecolawn Care, we take our mission for finding the safest and best quality products to produce beautiful, green lawns without weeds. Our customer service makes your relationship with us easy and hassle-free.

How Does Fertilization Work?

At Ecolawn Care, we split up our fertilization program into three zones to meet the unique needs of each area that we service:

  • Heber Valley gets six fertilization applications per season
  • Park City gets five fertilization applications since the area is higher into the mountains
  • The Wasatch Front gets seven fertilization applications because the area is lower on the mountain range and has a longer growing season.

During the growing season, we visit your home on a four to six-week basis to apply nutrients to your lawn. We use fertilizers that will be a mix of granular and liquid depending on the needs of the soil and turfgrass.

We use a wide variety of organic and hybrid fertilization applications based on the time of year too. Here’s what you need to know about our fertilization treatments:

  • Some treatments are 100% organic
  • Some treatments are a mix of organic and conventional treatments
  • Some treatments are conventional, but diluted to reduce the number of chemicals we put on your lawn
  • When we apply fertilizer treatments, we may be working on soil health or turfgrass health. Both areas need balance in their nutritional needs to grow a healthy lawn.

We base our programs on the lawn and soil needs of a region as well as local environmental concerns. For example, if it’s peak weed season, we use a hybrid mix including organic nutrients as well as some weed controls in a weaker concentration.

When we use the above method, we put fewer conventional products in the ground compared to using a strictly conventional fertilization program.

What Type of Fertilization Products Do We Use?

We use granular products during the summer as well as locally brewed compost teas in the summer and fall.

Who Needs Ecolawn Care’s Fertilization Service?

Homeowners benefit from our fertilization program if they have a desire for a beautiful lawn with no weeds and a healthy soil eco-system. The right client trusts us to do a professional job without feeling the need to oversee the lawn technician.

We guarantee our results. You have 10 days after treatment to let us know if your lawn is experiencing any problems with the treatment we applied at our last visit. If there is a problem within the 10-day window, we’ll return to your property to fix it without any additional cost to you.

We highly encourage communication. Since our technicians work on your property only once a month, we won’t know if there’s a problem unless you reach out to us. Then, we’ll be happy to fix the problem for you.

How Do You Benefit from Ecolawn Care’s Fertilization Program?

There is a stark difference between lawns that are fertilized versus ones that aren’t fertilized. A fertilized lawn produces deep green grass that’s thick and dense with no room for weeds.

If you invest in organic fertilization, you’ll see that your turfgrass can withstand the dry, hot Utah summers. There will be no brown spots or thinning areas on your lawn.

Instead, your turfgrass is green, thick and a delight to walk on without shoes. Conversely, you can spot a non-fertilized lawn when there is weak turf growth, many weeds and bare spots. Fertilization is vital for maintaining full, green grass.

Fertilization works to provide nutrients to the soil that houses turfgrass. The earth is a living ecosystem that needs nutrients to keep the organisms below-ground thriving.

Earthworms, nematodes, spiders, and microorganisms all work together to provide a busy ecosystem that benefits the earth and the plants that grow from it.

You’ll feel good coming home from work and seeing that there’s balance with your lawn—healthy soil and healthy turfgrass. And you’ll know that your soil and turf are in balance by the incredible health and vitality in your lawn.

How Does Your Property Benefit from Ecolawn Care’s Fertilization Program?

The Wasatch Mountain range varies in climate along with the harsh summer weather that plagues Utah lawns.

Organic lawn products retain moisture in the soil to help turfgrass survive the climatic extremes. When the soil is healthy and vibrant, turfgrass roots can go deep into the ground to find these moisture stores—even during the winter.

Organic fertilization also uses fewer chemicals, feeds the soil and gets the best result with less impact on the environment. Lawns get depleted as well as addicted to traditional lawn care products.

How do we know? Your turf will require more and more synthetic materials to keep it looking green and weed-free. At Ecolawn, we restore depleted soil to health with our organic fertilizers and compost teas.

Likewise, we use some diluted conventional fertilizers because 100% organic lawn care is cost-prohibitive. Currently, we don’t have a full organic program because of the high costs, and a full organic lawn care program doesn’t deliver high-quality results.

If you choose not to hire us for your lawn care needs, you may end up having a mediocre lawn with weeds, compacted soil and dull color.

At Ecolawn Care, we want to provide lawn care products and services that are cleaner and protect your Utah lawn from a lot of environmental damage.

For example, traditional lawn treatments irritate earthworms, and soil without earthworms is not sustainable. So, we offset the damage caused by conventional fertilization treatments and feed the soil with compost teas and other amendments to encourage healthy earthworm populations.

We also want long-term relationships with our customers. A relationship for the long haul ensures that your turfgrass gets consistent, sustainable lawn service.

When You Invest in Organic Lawn Care, You’ll Notice You Have a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

When you invest in Ecolawn’s fertilization program, you’re getting a fertilizer blend that’s 80% clean. Our lawn fertilizers promote healthy soil and a healthy green lawn. We use slow-release fertilizers that slowly unleashes nutrients and feeds the soil over time.

Typically, slow release fertilizers last between four to six weeks. Some fertilizers last even longer. For example, some of our fertilizers release nutrients over two months. When we visit your property on those off months, we’ll focus on the health of your soil by adding soil amendments and compost teas.

How Do We Keep Up with Best Lawn Care Practices?

At Ecolawn Care, we stay up-to-date with the latest turfgrass science from Utah State University. A healthy lawn is a perfect example that Ecolawn’s fertilizer is working to produce a beautiful Park City or Salt Lake City lawn.

We’re always looking for better quality lawn care products, including fertilizers that develop a gorgeous lawn while reducing pollution.

What You Can Expect from Ecolawn Care’s Customer Service and Technicians

When you sign on with Ecolawn, you’ll get excellent customer service, easy scheduling and invoicing. We also send automated reminders through text or email the day before we visit your property.

We provide a username and password to access our customer portal. You’ll receive communication from us as well as reminders and invoices through our portal system.

Our technicians are professionals and certified to provide organic lawn care services. We’ll treat your property like it’s our own. We’ll also make sure that we communicate with you every step of the way.

Our products are safe for your children and pets. You may need to keep them off your yard until the product dries, but you don’t have to worry about your pets or children being exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Why Ecolawn Care is a Better Choice for Your Park City Lawn

We use quality products, and we deliver quality service. The adage, “you get what you pay for” is true with lawn services. If you choose to go with the cheapest service, you’ll miss out on quality organic lawn products and services as well as regular communication from us at Ecolawn.

When we provide our lawn fertilization program, we use spreaders for granular products. For liquid products and compost tea, we use tanks, backpacks and sprayers to apply the product to your lawn.

When You Hire Ecolawn Care for Your Lawn Fertilization Needs, You Get Great Value

When you hire us at Ecolawn Care, you get a lawn care company that is local and cares about our environment. We’re always trying to find better ways to make our lawn products and our application services more eco-friendly.

At Ecolawn Care, we believe that we owe it to the earth to find better, smarter and safer ways to do lawn care, and we’re the company that’s leading that effort in Utah. You’ll have that green lawn you always wanted, but you’ll not have the mess that comes with using harsh products.

Here are 10 benefits of working with us at Ecolawn Care:

  1. Since we live in Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City, we’re invested in our environment.
  2. You get a green, thick lawn with no weeds as well as the products we use have a lower impact on the eco-system compared to traditional lawn care products.
  3. We invest in our customers, so they develop long-term relationships with us.
  4. Our lawn care goals include supporting a living soil environment with soil containing plenty of microbes, earthworms and life. A healthy soil eco-system ensures a healthy lawn.
  5. We use little to no harsh lawn products on your Salt Lake City lawn. Our lawn care products, including our fertilizers, will not run off and pollute our local waterways.
  6. You can trust us. We work with you to get the lawn that you want.
  7. We pay our employees more than other companies in the industry. The industry average is $12 per hour, and we start our technicians at $16 per hour with regular raises. You know that we hire quality technicians to work on your lawn.
  8. If you choose another lawn service, you may not be working with a transparent company. Our competitors may not have knowledgeable crews working on your property.
  9. The other lawn care companies may use cheaper lawn fertilizers that runoff into local sewers leading to pollution in our lakes, streams and rivers.
  10. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you choose a company that doesn’t invest in its employees with training and cutting-edge pay, then you’ll have lawn technicians who may not provide the best service or use the best quality products on your lawn.
Early Spring March/April Season start up fertilizer with organics Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Spring April/May Weed Control, Compost Tea or fertilizer injected with organics Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Early Summer May/June Compost tea with fertilizer + Weed control (SLC - Insect treatment) Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Summer June/July Fertilizer with Humates + organic soil conditioners + weed control Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Early Fall July/August Summer Stress combat - organic soil conditioners, compost tea Wasatch Front
Fall Sept Deep Root Fertilization + Organics Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Early Winter Oct/Nov Winter Prep - Slow Release Wasatch Front Wasatch Back

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of each treatment.
  2. We treat your lawn.
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Weeds begin to curl within 2 weeks. Expect some weeds to die slower than others. (We offer free weed touchups if weeds do not begin to die after 2 weeks. Just contact us and we'll come as soon as possible!)
  5. We return every 4-6 weeks during the season.

For more information about our lawn program, please visit our lawn care FAQ page.

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