54- Mechanical Weed Removal: Let's Get Physical

We talk a lot about weed prevention and use of chemical solutions for weed control, but there are other solutions for getting rid of weeds. You can also "mechanically," or physically, remove weeds. It's a terrible job, but sometimes it needs to be done. What do you do if you have giant thistle stalks making your property ugly and unusable? What if giant patches of weeds on your land have already seeded and you want to make sure the seeds don't get into the soil? What if you just don't want to use chemicals at all to get rid of weeds? We're talking mechanical weed removal this week on Eco Lawn Science.

Weeds. What are they and how do you get rid of them? Today's episode is an overview of weeds. Ete discusses some often overlooked steps in controlling weeds: identifying the weed, identifying the category the weed belongs to, and understanding its life cycle. You'll learn some of the terminology you'll often hear in the weed control world. Ete brings it all together to help you kill those unwanted plants more effectively.

It's an easy mistake to make, and we've all done it at some point. It's spring or early summer. We see that weird patch of grass in our lawn and think, "Oh no, crabgrass!" But in Utah and many other parts of the country, crabgrass does not come out until much later, usually July/August. So what is that awful grass ruining the uniformity of your lawn? It's one of several different grasses that we at Eco Lawn Science refer to generally as "pasture grass" or "junk grass." And it would be great if the only issue here was that people were calling a weed by the wrong name. Unfortunately it's a lot more complicated. There are pretty solid solutions for crabgrass. For "pasture grass"? Not so much. Learn more in this episode.

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