63- Topping off the season with a good Top-dressing

Here we are in November. Your lawn's been through a lot and you want to help it out as much as possible. The foundation of a good, healthy lawn is good, healthy soil. Build and balance your soil, build a healthy lawn. One way to help balance and increase the health of your soil is top-dressing. What is that? Generally speaking, top-dressing is a mixture of goodness for your soil, typically some blend of sand, peat, loam, compost, etc. What you need in the blend depends on your soil's specific needs. Top-dressing (the verb) is to put down a thin layer of that mixture over your lawn. This helps develop your soil and can help even out those lumpy areas in your lawn. Top-dressing is a great way to get your lawn in better shape. Learn more about how to top-dress in this episode of Eco Lawn Science.

Temperatures have dropped considerably, especially at night (how 'bout that 1º weather last week?). Your lawn is entering dormancy; it's going to sleep before the harsh winter. What do you need to do for your lawn right now? Should you mow, fertilize, clean up leaves or let them stay? What can you do to prep for the spring? Get answers on this episode of Eco Lawn Science.

You may be doing your fall lawn applications right about now,  the all-important last application of the season. But fall can also bring some extra windy, blustery days. Should you treat when the wind's a-howlin'? What problems can that cause? What can you do to try to avoid any windy app issues? Find out in this episode of Eco Lawn Science.

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