49- Weeds and Weed Control: An Overview

Weeds. What are they and how do you get rid of them? Today's episode is an overview of weeds. Ete discusses some often overlooked steps in controlling weeds: identifying the weed, identifying the category the weed belongs to, and understanding its life cycle. You'll learn some of the terminology you'll often hear in the weed control world. Ete brings it all together to help you kill those unwanted plants more effectively.

You (or your lawn service) have just applied weed control to those hideous weeds on your lawn. Now how long do you have to wait until they're dead and finally out of your sight? An hour? A day? A week? Well, as with all things lawn care, it depends on a lot of factors. What variables determine how long it takes for your weeds to die? How do you know if they even are dying? Should it be taking this long? How long should you wait before you decide it hasn't worked? Get your weed kill timing questions answered in this episode.

For people who take pride in a perfect, green sea of lawn, can there be anything more obnoxious than that cheery, yellow head brazenly popping up in the middle of it all? Today Ete discusses one of the more despised lawn weeds, the dandelion. Surprisingly enough, the dandelion actually can lay claim to a few positives, which you'll hear in this episode. But let's face it, with that bright color, that parachute of seeds bent on reproducing everywhere, that dang taproot, you may be more interested in preventing and destroying them. We've got that info here for you too. Whatever your feelings about dandelions, you can find out more in this episode. Enjoy!

It's an easy mistake to make, and we've all done it at some point. It's spring or early summer. We see that weird patch of grass in our lawn and think, "Oh no, crabgrass!" But in Utah and many other parts of the country, crabgrass does not come out until much later, usually July/August. So what is that awful grass ruining the uniformity of your lawn? It's one of several different grasses that we at Eco Lawn Science refer to generally as "pasture grass" or "junk grass." And it would be great if the only issue here was that people were calling a weed by the wrong name. Unfortunately it's a lot more complicated. There are pretty solid solutions for crabgrass. For "pasture grass"? Not so much. Learn more in this episode.

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