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Plant Health Care for Flowerbeds and Shrubs

You want to hire Ecolawn to nurture your Heber-Midway, Park City or Salt Lake City gardens and landscape. We use only 100% organic fertilizers, compost teas, soil amendments and weed controls.

Our products produce healthy, weed-free flowerbeds and shrubbery while invigorating the soil to build plants that are robust and pop with color.

Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care for Flowerbeds and Ornamental Shrubs

At Ecolawn, we provide homeowners in Summit, Wasatch, Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties plant health care for their flowerbeds. We designed our organic fertilizer blend to give nutrients to flowerbeds and ornamental shrubs.

And yet, our organic plant health care doesn’t extend to tree care. If you need tree health care, we partner with a local arborist to provide that care for you.

We don’t provide plant installation, pruning or mulching. We only specialize in creating an organic fertilization program that includes soil amendments to transform a low energy soil into one that produces bright, bold flowers and verdant leaves and stems.

We also provide a flower and shrub weed control program. Our organic weed control program contains 100% natural products including citrus, clove, mint, vinegar and fatty acids. There are no smelly egg odors, only citrus, clove and mint scents.

Our organic weed control kills grassy and broadleaf weeds on contact. So, you won’t have to hand-pull weeds in the hot, summer sun. Instead, our weed control kills the weeds.

It does take about two weeks to see the weed leaves start to curl up and die. We’ll visit your gardens regularly over the summer to keep weeds from invading your flowerbeds.

If you have a bed where weeds have overtaken it, we won’t be able to spray our organic weed control. For example, if weeds are growing out of the middle of a hosta, we won’t spray around the ornamental plant because our mixture will kill your hosta as well as the weeds inhabiting it.

Our Flowerbed and Shrub Health Care with Weed Control Includes These Services

When you invest in our organic plant health care with natural weed control, you’re guaranteed to have knowledgeable and highly trained technicians, additional service calls as needed, and a customized plant health care program.

Since every UT property is different, we customize our plant health care program to meet your schedule and plant needs. Also, we’ll maintain your gardens with our fertilization treatments and additional weed control throughout the summer.

Our organic weed control works best on grassy and broadleaf weeds. If you have invasive groundcover, like ivy, our products may not work to get rid of them. Instead, you can make a special request for us to remove overgrown groundcovers for you.

How Do You Benefit from Our Organic Plant Health Care and Weed Control?

Customers who are busy and want to enjoy their outdoor space are perfect for our plant health care services. We save you time and energy.

As we mentioned before, our weed control products take away the need to hand-pull weeds. Instead, you can now entertain friends and family in your backyard without having to spend hours removing weeds before your guests arrive.

When you hire us, you’ll be getting a beautiful landscape that you want to show off to everyone who visits your home. You’ll come home from a busy day at the office and observe your colorful landscapes that create the perfect curb appeal.

The real benefits you’ll receive are

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Increase in your property value
  • Decreased workload since our organic products take away the hours spent weed-pulling
  • You’ll be content and satisfied because your property looks the way you want it to—magnificent!
  • Other benefits from hiring us to work on your Heber-Midway landscape include installing native plants to improve the look of your property rather than pesky weeds taking over your flowerbeds.
  • You also get a healthier soil and plants since weeds take valuable real estate in your flowerbeds.

What Is the Cost of Not Investing in Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care Program?

If you decide not to hire us at Ecolawn for your plant health care needs, you’ll notice that weeds will overtake your flowerbeds. And you’ll need to spend a good chunk of time and money to renovate your landscape when weeds overcome it.

Likewise, your entire landscape is thrown off-balance and looks unkempt because you aren’t using organic fertilizer, soil amendments and weed control.

If you choose to go with a name brand, synthetic fertilizers and weed controls, you’ll notice a reduced earthworm population and that you’ll need to keep using more and more products to get the same desired effect.

Plus, if your property is in an HOA, you’re responsible for keeping your flowerbeds and shrubs looking uniform and well maintained.

If you hire a competitor, you may end up with 10 people on your yard pulling weeds. It’ll cost you about $12,000 per season to pay for the weed pulling and plant health maintenance where crews are on your property a half a day or longer.

And yet, if you hire us to fertilize and treat your beds with organic products, you’ll pay $2,000 less per season compared to our competitors. We’re also on your property for 15 minutes per treatment evaluating your landscape as well as applying our products.

Finally, our products are 100% natural and are safe to use around pets and children. You don’t have that same assurance when you hire traditional landscape maintenance companies.

What Are the Results of Using Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care and Weed Control Products and Services?

When you hire us to apply organic fertilizer, soil amendments and weed control to your beds and shrubs, you’ll notice that your beds and landscape are looking vibrant, colorful and weed-free.

You’ll notice your plants have less fungal diseases because our organic foliar spray protects your plants from disease. You’ll also observe your plants are healthier, stronger, and more resilient. Plus, your flowerbeds are cleaner, and your entire property looks well maintained.

How Does Ecolawn Back Up Its Claims?

Look at our gallery of before and after photos. You’ll notice right away a difference of how your Park City neighbors’ beds and landscape looked like before they hired us. You’ll also see how their gardens improved after we applied our products.

We also have customer testimonials and research to back us up. For example, our owner, Rob Ah Ping, has researched and trained with a compost tea specialist. He has observed that the soil’s food web improves with organic fertilizers, compost teas and other soil amendments.

Rob also knows from experience and study that when you use organics in any soil where you want plants to grow and thrive, you’ll notice that you’re using fewer chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

So, organic plant health care and weed control improves your plants’ soil as well as contributes to less synthetic chemicals used for plant health.

Finally, you’ll notice that your plants have less fungal diseases. Why? Because our compost teas contain beneficial bacteria and fungi that fight off the bad fungi invading your plants.

What Can a Salt Lake City Homeowner Expect from Ecolawn’s Services?

Your expectations should align with how many weeds your gardens have as well as if you’ve been using synthetic fertilizer for a while.

Our organic weed killer works quickly to reduce weeds in your garden than traditional herbicides. Your weeds will lose their color, vitality and will start to wilt. In a matter of days, you’ll notice your weeds dying after we apply our organic weed control products.

Our organic weed control reaches all the way down to the plants’ root system making sure that the weed is destroyed without compromising the soil’s eco-system.

Since our organic fertilizer and amendments work with the soil, you’ll notice a darker, healthier soil. You’ll observe that your plants are more vibrant in color too.

Why Should You Get Your Organic Plant Health Care and Weed Control from Us Rather Than Our Competitors?

In the Wasatch Range, we don’t have any competitors at this time. However, our organic plant health program is unique. Rob makes all of his compost teas in-house ensuring that your soil gets all of the microorganisms it needs to rehabilitate.

Further, Rob is dedicated to furthering his education and finding quality, organic products. At Ecolawn, we aren’t a quick-fix company. Indeed, we’re committed to your property’s well-being, growth and beautiful curb appeal.

If you go the traditional route with a landscape maintenance company that uses synthetic weed control and traditional fertilizers, you’ll be missing the health benefits that organic plant health care and weed control system do for your soil’s food web and the surrounding eco-system.

Also, you run the risk of hiring uncertified technicians who’ll spray product willy-nilly risking storm water contamination and our natural waterways will have more pollution.

The value you receive from Ecolawn’s service includes getting better results with the least amount of impact on the environment. We use less product to get the same or even, better results.

What Are the Benefits of Using Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care System over Anyone Else (Even DIY’ers)

You can rest assured you’re hiring a local company that has integrity. Some companies may take illegal risks with the products they apply to your property. But at Ecolawn, our products are organic, safe and legal. Our technicians are trained and certified to use our products too.

Our organic products are safe to use around children and pets. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones touching or breathing in harmful chemicals.

Conversely, there’s more risk when you don’t hire us to apply organic plant health care and weed control products.

If you hire a company where the crews aren’t adequately trained and certified, you risk your technician spraying the wrong plant. Also, some synthetic products are harmful to both the weeds you want to get rid of as well as the ornamental plants you’re trying to nurture.

There are also safety concerns and long-term impact on your property’s eco-system when you hire a traditional landscape maintenance company to apply weed control to your Park City flowerbeds.

How Does Ecolawn Apply Their Organic Fertilizer and Weed Control to My Landscape?

You’ll notice that the majority of the time our technicians wear backpacks to spray weed control to your gardens and under shrubs. Since we want to use low-pressure when applying our products, our backpacks are battery-operated.

Our technicians take their time when they’re applying our products. Our techs want to do a thorough job when using products to your flowerbeds and shrubs.

When we feed your gardens, we use backpacks or chest-packs to spread our products right to the base of the plants. We want our organic fertilizers and soil amendments to go deep down into the soil to feed the roots and reinvigorate the soil. We use both liquid and granular fertilizer depending on what your gardens need at the time.

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