Noxious Weed Control

At Ecolawn, we are pioneers in controlling and managing noxious weeds in Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City, UT. We not only evaluate your land for noxious weeds, but we form a long-range plan and a team to reduce noxious weeds from your property.

We provide these services to local governments, HOAs, property managers and residential properties.

What Are Noxious Weed Control Services?

At Ecolawn, we provide noxious weed control to help homeowners and landowners to comply with Utah’s Rule R-68-9 Utah Noxious Weed Act. Weed control is a normal part of a residential lawn care program. However, our noxious weed control services handle noxious weeds differently compared to typical lawn weeds.

Utah Weed Control Association classifies noxious weeds into A, B and C types based on the weeds’ population throughout Utah. Here are the seven most common noxious weeds found in the Wasatch Range, UT:

  1. Bindweed
  2. Dalmatian Toadflax
  3. Dyers Woad
  4. Hoary Cress (white head)
  5. Houndstongue
  6. Knapweed
  7. Thistle (Canada, Musk and Scotch).

We use a product called Milestone to destroy noxious weeds in the early stages. When noxious weeds reach full maturity, it requires the plant to be taken down carefully to prevent seed heads from depositing new seeds.

Milestone is not an organic weed control product, but it’s on the EPA’s list of reduced-risk herbicides.

When you hire us to deal with your property’s noxious weeds, we’ll walk on your property to take a noxious weed evaluation. Then our technicians will apply Milestone to young weeds.

For weeds that have reached maturity, we collaborate with a company that will provide mechanical services to remove the stalks and seed heads for you. It’s impossible to kill the noxious weed seed heads using Milestone, so our partners will remove the seed heads carefully from the plant.

Then our technicians can spot spray the plants’ crown and surrounding weed leaves to destroy the remaining part of the plant and any of its offshoots.

Who’s the Right Client for Noxious Weed Control?

The right customers for Ecolawn’s noxious weed control program include property owners with non-lawn areas. For example, we work with many government agencies that own trailheads or property owners with pastures and fields.

We help to keep biking and hiking trails open for use as well as fields and pastures manageable by removing noxious weeds.

Noxious weed control is also for people who are concerned with the environment and who own property. Noxious weeds put the surrounding environment off-balance by their growth and seed dispersion.

Another type of customer includes homeowners who may have noxious weeds growing on the outskirts of their property. Homeowners may face fines and liens on their homes for out-of-control noxious weeds on their property.

How Ecolawn’s Noxious Weed Control Program Benefits You

Our noxious weed control program helps both city agencies as well as private property owners in Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City, UT.

  • Local government agencies benefit by having open trailheads that are safe for walkers and horseback riders to take their pets on your trails. Your trails look balanced, safe and manageable. We also make the local area look beautiful without these large weeds competing for open space.

Some of these noxious weeds are poisonous to dogs and horses. So, we remove them to keep your pets safe while walking or riding them on Park City or Salt Lake City’s regional trails.

  • Property owners and HOAs benefit by hiring a “one-stop shop” for all of their noxious weed problems. At Ecolawn, we’re willing to make extra visits, help form a plan to control noxious weeds with minimal impact on the local environment, educate homeowners through workshops with their HOAs, and take the burden off property managers dealing with noxious weeds.

What Can You Expect from Ecolawn’s Noxious Weed Control Service?

When you hire us at Ecolawn to design a program to remove and manage noxious weeds on your property, you can expect to get results. Here are three expectations of Ecolawn’s noxious weed control program:

  1. Significant reduction of noxious weeds to a tolerable and acceptable threshold: You won’t be able to rid your property of noxious weeds completely because they’re invasive. In the future, we hope to find a high-quality product to eradicate noxious weeds from the Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City’s landscapes. Currently, we have a holistic, minimally invasive program to manage noxious weeds on your property.
  2. Your acreage will look manicured without these tall weeds scattered across your property: You will again experience balance and tidiness when your land isn’t dotted with these noxious weeds.
  3. You can start fresh the next growing season with a clean property: We guarantee a significant reduction of noxious weeds on your property. Our goal is to get your large property or trails down to no more than 10 noxious weeds per year. When your property is cleaned up from noxious weeds, you can renew your contract with us to visit your property three times per year to keep the noxious weed population under control.

We back up our claims through testimonials and our gallery. Look at our customers’ before and after pictures.

Plus, our experience and our customers’ satisfaction is evident. We have hundreds of happy customers. Also, we have an excellent reputation in the Wasatch Range area for our noxious weed control program. We provide services to

  • HOAs
  • Government agencies
  • Private homeowners and property owners.