Lawn Care FAQ

What can I do to make my lawn look great?

Your lawn will look best when we work together. You play a huge role in having a healthy lawn.

1.) Be educated: Read our emails, invoices, and instructions. The more you understand, the better. If you have questions, ask us!

2.) Make sure your lawn is mowed properly: mow at a height of 3-4 inches. Make sure the mower blades are sharp and do not tear out grass. During the summer, you can leave lawn clippings to help retain moisture.

3.) Water the lawn: In Utah, watering a lawn correctly is vital. For proper watering techniques, read the following answers below.

4.) Be vigilant: Keep your eyes open for brown spots, potential fungus, heat stress, or insect damage. If you notice anything weird developing, snap a picture and text it to 435-200-3261 or email it to The earlier you catch a problem, the better chance we have of stopping it before it does real damage.

My lawn is suffering from heat stress. What can I do?

1) Check your irrigation. Run a manual test during the day and watch every zone to make sure that every section of your lawn is getting covered with water. Sprinklers should be checked monthly during the season. Heads often get damaged, blocked by objects or plants, and clogged with mud.

2.) In addition to watering 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes, run your sprinklers for a few minutes in the evening to help cool down the lawn.

3) Use a Soil Conditioner treatment. We have a product called Revive which, when combined with proper watering, can help to bring back the color of your lawn.

4.) Paint it. We have a non-toxic turf paint that we can be applied to stressed areas. The paint improves the look and color of the lawn until the natural green bounces back after the summer heat.

How often should I water the lawn?

Summer – On average, 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes.

Spring/Fall – On average, 3 times a week for 20 minutes.

At what time should I water the lawn?
Any time between 2 and 7 am. The best time to water is 2 am.
When should I seed my lawn?


Wasatch Front – From mid March to the end of April
Heber/Midway – April
Park City – From mid April to mid May


Wasatch Front – Mid September to mid October
Heber/Midway – September to mid October
Park City – September

What kinds of seed should I use to seed my lawn
Each lawn is different, but most lawns in Utah require a Kentucky Bluegrass mix. This can be bought at any large home improvement store.
Do you aerate lawns?
We partner with a local company that helps us with aerations in the Spring and Fall. Most people prefer to do this early Spring.
What is Compost tea?
Compost tea is a liquid compost which is brewed in a large tank for over 24 hours and full of living organisms. When applied to your lawns soil, it adds organisms back into the soil, pumping it full of life and energy. Our tea also has some food for the organisms that are already existing in your soil to help wake them up and become active. It is an all organic and natural product.
What does compost tea do for my lawn?
Beneath the grass and deep inside the soil are organisms (hopefully). According to the Soil Food Web there is a balance and order of things and when things are in order the soil can naturally get most of the nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive.Most of the time our lawns soil is out of whack and balance. When we restore balance and order to those organism it is amazing what the soil can do. Your lawn can fight off disease and nasty insects with beneficial insects and beneficial fungi.

Naturally occurring fertilizer that is normally bound up inside bacteria is released and the lawn looks good. Over time you can use less and less fertilizer and more compost tea – which is natural, organic and sustainable.

Where do you get your tea from?

We have a few sources. Our main source is brewed right here in Utah.

We use vortex brewers in our 60 + 100 gallon tanks. We use organic, worm compost from a local source. We add a few other inputs to make sure the tea is balanced with fungi and not to bacterial (this is what the lawns here generally need). After 24 hours we remove the tea (now full of life and biology) and apply it to your lawn. It has to be applied that day (after 5-6 hours off of aeration the organisms begin to die off) and then everything needs to be cleaned very well.

We run microscope test on the tea to make sure there is life and biology in the tea.

Is compost tea a cure all miracle product?
We love tea and the benefits it brings but want to make it clear that this is not a cure all, miracle product. It is one of our tools in a full lawn program.Tea on its own will not give you a green lawn (not at least for a few years). Over time we will use more and more tea and less fertilizer. We still need to use other organic soil conditioners and fertilizers.

How long do I have to stay off the lawn?

Our compost tea is 100% natural and friendly. We recommend staying off the lawn for 30 minutes if possible to allow it to dry and absorb into the soil with being disturbed. Also it is made from compost so we do not want you to get it on shoes and track it into the house – it could be dirty.


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