How Compost Teas Restore Your UT Soil Back to Life

The soil that houses your UT lawn grass teems with microorganisms that feed nematodes, earthworms and other beneficial critters belowground.

You want this dynamic soil food web, so it produces green, thick turf aboveground as well as enhances the local environment. Ecolawn’s organic compost teas are packed with beneficial microorganisms that revitalize your soil into a thriving eco-system.

What is compost tea? How does it restore your UT soil to health?

Compost tea is a liquid soil amendment designed to restore a healthy eco-system into your Utah County lawn and soil.

Ecolawn’s compost tea contains organic compost, such as discarded fruits and vegetables, topsoil and oxygen. The compost tea is slow-brewed taking up to two days to complete.

Rob Ah Ping, Ecolawn’s owner, uses 10 to 15 pounds of compost to make his teas. The organic ingredients vary based on the time of year and the type of bacteria and fungi he adds to his tea.

When Rob has finished brewing the compost tea, the soil amendment is loaded with millions of beneficial microorganisms, including good bacteria and fungi that feed the soil and encourage more microorganisms to development. Earthworms, spiders and other beneficial insects feed on these micro-organisms as well as create a healthy, underground eco-system.

Traditional fertilizers and herbicides sterilize the ground making it harder for the UT homeowner to produce beautiful green grass. Our compost tea is a natural powerhouse that rehabilitates sterile soil.

Who are the best people to invest in compost teas?

Homeowners, property managers and HOA boards in Utah and Wasatch counties who desire organic lawn care want our compost teas applied to their yards. We design our compost teas for homeowners and property managers who want to restore their UT soils back to health.

Yet, if you decide to invest in organic lawn care for your Provo yard, you need to realize that natural lawns take longer to restore. For example, you won’t have an instantaneous green grass with no weeds the first season we apply compost teas to your property.

Indeed, organic fertilizer and soil amendments like compost tea take a season or two to work in the soil and build it up as an eco-system powerhouse. At Ecolawn, we do add some fertilizer with our compost teas to give your lawn the green up you desire while you wait for the compost teas and organic fertilizers to work their magic underground.

The Real Value of Adding Compost Tea to Your Draper, UT Lawn

There are many benefits for adding compost teas to your soil. At Ecolawn, we believe that you’re getting the best compost tea from us because we care about quality control.

If you choose to hire another lawn care company that gets its compost tea shipped from out of state, you’re running the risk that the beneficial organisms in the tea will die.

Our compost tea has millions of microorganisms that will not die before they reach your lawn because we make our compost tea. You’re getting a fresh batch sprayed on your Utah lawn to ensure that every beneficial organism from our compost tea reaches your soil.

Since you’re getting all of the microorganisms in your soil, you’ll notice that you’re adding life back into the earth. Here are five benefits for using our locally brewed compost teas over a competitor’s compost tea:

  1. Local compost is used in the tea to encourage the right microorganisms to develop in your lawn’s soil.
  1. Our compost tea slowly rebuilds your soil. Our compost tea breaks down to the point where you can reduce the amount of fertilizer that we apply to your lawn by 70-80%. In the first season, we can reduce the number of fertilizers that you use by 40%.
  1. You can say with confidence that you have a real lawn because of the abundant eco-system belowground. We won’t need to use any traditional fertilizer because your soil is teeming with life to break down natural waste into fertilizer.
  1. Our compost teas benefit all of the organisms living in your soil. Your soil becomes a powerhouse by building up the good bacteria and fungi that attracts nematodes, earthworms and beneficial insects to eat them. We call this process the soil’s food web.
  1. Our compost tea provides consistent results, so you don’t need to reapply fertilizer constantly. Your lawn’s soil can reproduce nutrients naturally in its food web.

What does compost tea do?

At Ecolawn, we can back up the benefits of compost tea applications with years of research. Organic farmers started using compost teas on their fields, and they found that their crops didn’t have the same amount of fungal problems compared to crops that never had compost tea added to the soil.

So, when you build up your soil with beneficial fungi, you’ll have less fungal problems on your lawns. Plus, you’ll use fewer fungicides to get your yard grass back to health.

Compost Tea Provides These Seven Benefits to Your Salt Lake City Lawn

As you know, compost teas recreate a healthy, vibrant eco-system in your property’s soil. After we apply compost teas to restore your UT soil, you’ll notice these seven additional benefits:

  1. Your lawn grass is sustainable. It can withstand drought and Utah’s hot summers. It’s more resistant to disease and other lawn problems.
  1. Your lawn will need fewer fertilizers—organic or synthetic—to produce thick, green grass.
  1. Your lawn will be beautiful and a delight with the least amount of impact on the environment.
  1. There will be an increase in the number of healthy organisms in your soil because you’re putting life back into it.
  1. Your lawn will have less fungal problems compared to lawns treated with no compost teas.
  1. Your lawn will survive the hot, dry summer and prolonged droughts better when compost teas are used compared to not using teas. For example, you’ll notice that your yard has fewer drought stress spots appearing in the fall.

Compost tea helps your lawn’s root systems to go down deep into the earth to find those moisture stores during a dry stretch.

  1. Your soil will be a dark, rich brown because of its healthy eco-system. Since there is life back in the ground, you’ll notice that your soil gradually transforms into a darker, richer brown because it has the right nutrients to create healthy soil.

Here’s What to Expect When You Don’t Hire Us to Apply Compost Tea to Your Provo, UT Lawn

When you don’t hire us to apply our customized compost tea to your Provo turfgrass, you’ll notice that you still need to use the same amount or more fertilizers to create a dense, verdant lawn.

Your lawn grass won’t be able to handle droughts, you’ll have more fungal diseases, and you’ll need to pay more money over the years to produce a green lawn.

You Can Expect These Six Results When You Hire Ecolawn to Apply Our Compost Tea to Your Lawn

In addition to the above benefits of adding compost tea to your lawn, you can expect the following six results:

  1. The soil is healthier and alive.
  1. The lawn grass is healthier and can withstand Utah’s harsh climate.
  1. You use fewer fertilizers and other nutrients to get your lawn to look its best.
  1. Your lawn is more resilient to fight off fungal diseases, drought stress spots and insect problems.
  1. You’ll see that there are no brown spots on your lawn after the summer season is over.
  1. After a few seasons, you’ll notice that your lawn needs less water to maintain its greenness and vitality.

Ecolawn Backs Up Compost Teas Benefits

Rob Ah Ping can back up the benefits of using compost teas on Utah lawns. He studied under the founder of lawn compost teas, and he continually takes new courses on soil health.

Soil health scientists also attest to the benefits of using compost teas on lawns to create both a healthy soil eco-system as well as a vibrant lawn that stands up to Utah’s harsh summers.

What You Can Expect After We Apply Compost Tea to Your Park City Lawn

You’ll start to notice a difference in your lawn the second season you hire us to apply compost tea. Our Ecolawn technicians also track and take note of how the compost teas are benefitting your lawn.

After two to three seasons of using our compost teas, you’ll notice your lawn will have less drought stress spots, there will be no fungal or insect problems, and you’ll have green, lush grass.

Why You Need Ecolawn’s Compost Tea Services Rather Than Our Competitor’s Compost Teas

You may be tempted to go with one of our competitors. However, most organic lawn care companies buy their compost teas out-of-state, which means that some of the beneficial bacteria and fungi die while the tea is being shipped.

At Ecolawn, we provide you with a unique product and service. We brew our compost teas using ingredients from the local area to produce a tea that will help your soil revive its eco-system.

So, our organic compost tea is fresh and includes all of the millions of good bacteria and fungi as we promise you.

We test our compost teas to make sure they contain the necessary biological microorganisms to feed your soil. We’ve invested in the research and development of our compost teas to ensure you get the freshest, most beneficial-filled tea to restore your lawn to its original beauty.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s compost tea over anyone else?

You’re getting local compost tea brewed to meet Utah’s unique soil needs as well as a product that works well with the local climate. Our compost teas rehabilitate UT lawns back into living eco-systems.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s compost tea over anyone else?

Our compost teas provide a healthy eco-system belowground, so your turf aboveground grows green, thick and nearly weed-free. Plus, you’ll notice that your water bills will be lower after a few years of compost tea applications. Your lawn will need less water to keep it green and mean.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s compost tea?

You’ll notice that you still need to use more and more fertilizer to produce a green lawn. You’ll also see that you’re using more weed controls—especially if you use traditional herbicides to treat weeds.

Finally, you’re leaving a more negative impact on the environment’s health and well-being. You’re also contributing to more fertilizer and herbicides entering Utah’s waterways.

How do we deliver our compost teas to your lawn?

When our technician comes to your property to add compost tea to your UT yard, we’ll apply our tea through a large tank. We liberally spray our compost tea on your grass and soil. Generally, we prefer to spray our compost tea on moist soil so it can penetrate quickly into the ground.

We apply our compost tea on dry soil if Wasatch County is experiencing a drought. We recommend that you stick to your regular lawn sprinkler schedule to ensure that your lawn gets the needed water that will help the soil to absorb our compost tea.


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