Heat + Drought Stress

What to Do About Heat and Drought Stress

With the recent summer heat, we have noticed that dry spots are appearing on lawns around town. If you are seeing this in your lawn there are a few things that you can do:

1) Check your irrigation. Run a manual test during the day and watch every zone to make sure that every section of your lawn is getting covered with water. Sprinklers should be checked monthly during the season. Once a year is not enough. Heads often get damaged, blocked by objects or other growing plants, and clogged with mud. This can leave areas accidentally and unknowingly un-watered.

2.) Run your sprinklers for a few minutes in the evening to help cool down the lawn. This is in addition to your early morning watering.

3) Use a Soil Conditioner treatment. We have a product called Revive which, when combined with proper irrigation, can help to bring back the color of your lawn.

4.) Paint it. We have a non-toxic turf paint that we can be applied to dried out areas. The paint improves the look and color of the lawn until the natural green bounces back.

Please remember that drought stress is just temporary and with proper irrigation, your lawn will bounce back.

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