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Ecolawn Provides Fungicide and Lawn Care to Get Rid of NRS & Other Fungal Lawn Diseases

If your Salt Lake City, Provo, Heber-Midway or Park City lawn is showing any sign of a brown patch disease, including Necrotic Ring Spot, or snow molds, you need to contact us at Ecolawn today. We provide both traditional and organic fungicides to repress or destroy all lawn diseases. We’ll also reseed your lawn if turfgrass doesn’t recover well from a lawn fungal disease.

Lawn Fungal Diseases and How Ecolawn Restores Your Lawn to Health

If your home is located in Heber-Midway or Salt Lake City, UT where there are more construction and development, you may notice that your lawn has developed a fungal disease.

Specifically, you may notice that your lawn has patches of light brown or tan. This could be Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS). NRS attacks lawn grass at the roots and crowns causing your lawn to exhibit brown spots of dead grass.

Heber-Midway and Salt Lake City homeowners are at more of a risk for this disease due to pollution, poor mowing habits, and spreading the disease by walking or mowing your lawn. Soil compaction and too much (or too little) lawn irrigation also contribute to this disease.

Ecolawn’s Fungal Disease Lawn Service

At Ecolawn, we’ll visit your lawn to diagnose and then spot-treat NRS with fungicide. The goal is to control the disease first with the right fungicide and then, replant those affected areas with an NRS-resistant grass. For example, some Kentucky Blue varieties are resistant to the NRS strain.

We prefer to use our organic fungicide to treat NRS, but we understand that cost is a significant factor in your lawn care decision-making. So, we provide traditional fungicide as well. However, you’ll notice we use the least amount possible to get the results you want.

We’ll keep visiting your lawn to make sure that the spot treatments are working. You’ll notice that NRS-infected lawns won’t return to their original vitality, so we recommend reseeding those areas for new turfgrass to grow.

We’ll also coach you in best lawn management practices, such as proper lawn watering, aeration and overseeding services and investing in our organic fertilization program.

The Right Customers for Our Fungicide Treatments

Since Salt Lake City and Heber-Midway are located in a valley, environmental pollutants get trapped in the air, soil and water. Also, construction and no previous lawn care opens up your lawn grass to disease.

If you’re a homeowner or property manager in one of these cities, you need to hire us at Ecolawn to treat your lawn’s fungal problem as well as aerate and reseed your lawn so turfgrass can grow back.

The Value of Investing in Our Lawn Service to Protect Your Lawn from NRS and Other Fungal Diseases

While Salt Lake City or Heber-Midway homeowners deal primarily with NRS, homeowners in Park City, Wasatch and Utah counties deal with dollar spot and some snow molds.

For snow mold and dollar spot, we’ll evaluate your lawn periodically to see if the disease spreads. If there are no changes, we advise you to let your yard grass grow out the disease while providing organic lawn care services, including fertilizer and compost teas to rehabilitate the soil.

Again, our organic compost teas put good fungi back into the soil to destroy harmful fungi, such as dollar spot and snow molds.

For NRS, you need to stay on top of the disease, or it’ll spread throughout your Salt Lake City lawn and destroy it. We recommend that you hire us to evaluate and spot treat your affected lawn regularly, so the soil pathogen doesn’t spread. Otherwise, you may need a complete lawn restoration, which would be costly.

We strongly encourage all of our customers—including those who’s lawn has a fungal disease and is getting it treated—to keep communication open between us. You can send us a text, call or email us with your lawn disease questions and problems.

If our fungicide products aren’t working, we need to know right away so we can visit your property and fix the problem.

Our Lawn Disease Program Defined

Our traditional fungicide for NRS will kill the disease. We always recommend our organic fungicide and other natural lawn care treatments because they won’t affect the environment like conventional products.

NRS can’t be ignored. There are too many environmental conditions feed into the disease. Plus, it can kill your lawn—a significant investment that is expensive to repair or completely renovate.

We recommend either our hybrid or organic lawn care to rehabilitate your lawn grass and soil after NRS is controlled. If you prefer traditional over natural, we’ll devise a program that gets rid of or represses of the pathogen in your soil. Plus, we’ll use soil amendments that build up your Heber or Salt Lake City lawn.

If you’re a homeowner in Park City or Heber, and you prefer organic lawn care over traditional methods, then we’ll rehabilitate your soil after brown patch, dollar spot, NRS and snow mold disappear from your yard.

How Ecolawn’s Fungicide and Lawn Care Benefits Your Utah Lawn

Right now, we’re the only organic lawn care company in Wasatch and Utah counties that takes a natural and holistic approach to lawn fungal diseases.

For homeowners with NRS lawns, we stop or suppress the disease, so you don’t need to renovate your lawn. We use the fungicides that kill the pathogen as well as reseed your lawn with Kentucky bluegrass that is resistant to NRS.

Yet, there are times when we can only suppress NRS, which means we stop it from spreading. We suggest that you reseed your lawn with a resistant turfgrass variety.

At Ecolawn, our technicians will continue to monitor your lawn for NRS, apply additional fungicide treatments as needed to stop or suppress NRS in its tracks.

What is the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s Fungicide Treatment Plan

If you choose to ignore NRS and other fungal diseases in your UT lawn, then you’re risking your entire lawn, and the fungus will continue to spread leaving yours with a dead yard.

NRS attacks the roots and crowns of lawn grass. If you allow the disease to spread, the soil is contaminated with the NRS pathogen, and you’re losing beneficial organisms at the same time. In other words, your lawn soil will be unbalanced and deficient without our treatment program.

Your soil needs amendments, including compost tea, to put beneficial fungi back into the soil. The good fungi kill the bad fungi including NRS.

Additionally, you risk your soil becoming completely depleted and compacted with no turf growing that leads to extensive and expensive lawn renovation.

What are the Ecolawn fungicide service’s results?

When you hire Ecolawn, you’ll notice a difference with your lawn within one week. The diseased turf will become duller in color—it won’t be a vibrant brown or gold. However, it’ll take a few weeks until healthy lawn grass grows back.

You can expect two results from our lawn disease program—your yard grass will grow back vibrant and green, or it won’t grow back at all. If your turfgrass doesn’t grow back or it’s not dynamic and green, you’ll need us to reseed the area with new grass seed.

We back up our lawn program with before and after pictures in our gallery.

What You, the Customer, Can Expect from Ecolawn’s Fungicide Treatment

We encourage our customers to take pictures of the brown patches on their property and upload them to our customer service form. We’ll evaluate your photographs and make a diagnosis right away.

However, if you have NRS, you need us to visit your property in person to make the correct diagnosis and the best treatment plan.

If we can’t determine what is causing your brown patches, one of our technicians will visit your property and take samples of the infected turf. If we can’t figure out what’s causing the spots to develop on your lawn, we’ll take samples and send them to Utah State University’s turf program to get a diagnosis.

Our goal is to diagnose and treat your lawn’s fungal diseases right away, so they don’t continue to spread throughout the rest of your lawn.

As soon as we diagnose your lawn disease, we’ll apply our fungal treatment right away. We use backpacks with sprayers. We’ll spray the infected area as well as 1’ – 2’ outside of the patch to stop pathogens from spreading.

Why should the customer get the fungal treatments from Ecolawn rather than its competitors?

At Ecolawn, we take a holistic approach to lawn care. So, we’ll be on your property evaluating your yard for disease reduction and healthy turfgrass recovery. We’ll spot treat those patches that are resistant, so they start to die to allow healthy turf to regrow in that area.

What is the value of using Ecolawn’s lawn disease program over anyone else?

We take a personal approach with all of our customers. When our technicians visit your property to treat it, they also evaluate your property to make sure that the disease is regressing and healthy turfgrass is coming back.

Our goals include making sure that your UT lawn looks great. Also, we make taking care of your lawn simple to achieve healthy results.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s fungicide treatments over anyone else?

At Ecolawn, we strive to use less synthetic methods for lawn care including fungicide treatments. If you choose the traditional fungicide to treat your Salt Lake City yard, we’ll use the lowest amount to stop NRS and other fungal diseases from spreading to the rest of your lawn.

We also offer organic solutions for Park City homeowners who want fewer chemicals on their properties. We’re the only organic lawn service providing organic fungicide to stop patch diseases from spreading throughout your yard.

The Cost of NOT Using Ecolawn’s Fungicide Solutions

Like most things, lawns and soil become addicted to synthetic treatments. You’ll notice that some lawn services have to use more fungicide each season to stop or repress NRS and other patch diseases from destroying your property.

At Ecolawn, you get a holistic, organic lawn service. Our organic lawn fertilizers and soil amendments, especially our compost teas, feed the soil.

For example, we brew our organic compost tea. We know that it contains beneficial fungi and bacteria that fight and destroy NRS and other fungal lawn diseases. So, our technicians don’t have to keep using more and more synthetic (if any) fungicides to kill NRS and other pathogens from taking over your entire lawn.

Additionally, our organic fungicide and other lawn treatments are perfectly safe to use around children and pets. Your family, including your furry friends, won’t be absorbing or breathing in any harmful chemicals left on your lawn.

Finally, our organic lawn treatments feed the earth rather than damage it. We don’t blanket an entire lawn with hazardous chemicals that kill beneficial insects. Instead, we care about our Utah environment that we add nutrients rather than sterilize the soil by spraying too much conventional fungicide on your UT property.

How does Ecolawn deliver their fungicide services?

We first evaluate your lawn from the pictures you upload to our website. Then, we design a program that destroys or suppress most lawn fungal diseases.

Remember, if your property has NRS, you can’t upload photos of your lawn. Instead, we need to visit your property in person to evaluate your yard.

Our technicians use backpack sprayers or spreaders to make accurate applications where the disease is located in your yard rather than spraying the entire property. Our fungicide products come in liquid and granular forms.

For traditional fungicide applications, we’re very cautious and careful about where we spray on your lawn. So, we use backpack sprayers that contain the synthetic fungicide as well as some organic soil amendments to offset the damage done by the fungicide.


Utah State University, “Necrotic Ring Spot,” PDF: Fact Sheet.

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