Eco-Friendly Commercial Property Lawn Care Solutions

Ecolawn Provides Lawn Care Solutions to Commercial Properties

At Ecolawn, we provide lawn care and plant health care solutions for our commercial clients. Our business consists of 40% commercial customers. We work with property managers, mowing services, irrigation contractors and many others.

Ecolawn’s Lawn Care Services for Commercial Properties

If you’re a property manager who wants beautiful flowerbeds and a lush lawn to greet customers, then you need us at Ecolawn.

We provide the following three lawn services for our commercial clients:

  1. Flowerbed weed maintenance
  1. Noxious weed control
  1. Lawn fertilization.

We provide hybrid lawn care for our commercial properties since organic lawn care may not fit in your budget. Our hybrid lawn service includes traditional fertilizers blended with organic soil amendments.

However, if you’re a property manager who wants organic lawn care on your commercial property, let us know, and we’ll customize an organic lawn service program for you.

Specifically, we want to team up with other contractors, such as mowing companies and others who don’t provide lawn care solutions.

When you partner with us at Ecolawn, you’ll have licensed technicians providing hybrid lawn care that includes using less synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, as well as incorporates organic soil amendments to revitalize the soil.

The Ideal Client for Our Commercial Lawn Services

At Ecolawn, 40% of our commercial clients are partnerships with other green industry companies in Utah and Wasatch counties, such as

  • Property managers
  • Sprinkler system companies
  • Mowing companies who don’t provide lawn or plant fertilization programs
  • Pest control companies
  • Realtors who rent properties as well as sell homes
  • Tree care companies.

What is the real value of this service to mowing, irrigation, pest control, tree care and real estate companies?

For mowing, irrigation, pest control and tree care company owners, you’ll be able to offer more services to your residential and commercial clients. For your customers who want a full lawn service, you’ll be able to provide that when you add our lawn care services to your company.

Property managers benefit because your commercial property looks well cared for and colorful with a thick lawn. Business will improve because people will want to shop at your retail centers and eat at your restaurants because the lawns and landscapes are popping with color.

You’ll feel confident with our lawn care services. We’re a trustworthy company that will complete all our jobs on time. If something happens due to one of our services, we guarantee we’ll go back to the site and fix the problem.

For realtors, Ecolawn’s value to you is twofold:

  1. The lawn and landscape of your rental properties will improve. You’ll have greener and denser lawns able to withstand Utah’s dry climate. Plus, flowerbeds and other landscaped areas will be weed-free.
  1. If you’re selling properties, you benefit because homes will move faster due to tidier properties. Potential homebuyers will be attracted to the properties you represent because of a healthier and robust lawn as well as weed-less flowerbeds and landscapes.

We have plenty of referrals to share with you, so you know that you’re partnering with a company with integrity.

What does our commercial lawn care service do for you?

If you’re a mowing, pest control, realtor or any of our commercial clients, you know that you’re corroborating with the best lawn care company in Heber-Midway, Salt Lake City and Park City, UT.

The properties you serve will look their best when we provide lawn care solutions for your customers. And you’ll increase your client retention.

We simplify the process for you. Instead of juggling multiple lawn and landscape maintenance companies, you only need to deal with one company. You can trust us NOT to take any customers away from you. We don’t upsell our lawn care services to your client.

Instead, we support your mowing or property management company. We provide lawn care consulting services, too. For example, we’ll coach you on good lawn care practices and how our products work in the soil and plants.

There are 6 Benefits to Working with Ecolawn

When you contract with us to provide lawn care services for your clients, you’ll receive these six benefits:

  1. Your properties will have green, healthy lawns and weed-free flowerbeds.
  1. If any of your properties experience a reaction to our products in between visits, call us, and one of our technicians will return to the property to fix the problem.
  1. You’re guaranteed free touch-ups in-between our regular visits.
  1. We try to eliminate the headaches associated with lawn care and subcontracting relationships.
  1. Our technicians take thorough notes every time that they visit one of your properties.
  1. We simplify the process by creating a streamlined system with you. We have experience working with contractors, so we understand your needs, and we strive to meet them.

What is the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s lawn care services?

If you choose not to partner with us, you risk teaming up with a lawn care company where the technicians aren’t knowledgeable about soil and plant health. They also may not be licensed to apply fertilizers, pest and weed controls to your property.

You’re also not guaranteed a thick green lawn. Instead, you’ll notice that your commercial lawns will have dry spots, weeds popping up everywhere and more fungal diseases.

If you’re a mowing or landscape maintenance company, you may want to keep all of your services in-house to save money. If your technicians aren’t licensed or don’t understand primary lawn care, you risk the following:

  • Health risks from using pest and weed control products unsafely.
  • Burnt lawns because the wrong type of fertilizer was used or too much fertilizer was put on the grass.
  • Lawsuits because you ruined a client’s property.
  • More repeat visits in-between appointments fixing lawn care problems because of a lack of knowledge.
  • You may find that it’s hard to get licensing for your mowing technicians.

What are the results of using Ecolawn’s lawn care services?

  1. You’ll notice your customer’s property looks great and you’ll have happy clients.
  1. You’ll notice that you can offer more lawn services to your clients.
  1. When you partner with us for your clients’ lawn care needs, you’ll find that we’re experts on lawn care and plant health care. Plus, you’ll see that we want to communicate and work with you to make your job easier.
  1. You’ll feel more confident that we’re on top of your customers’ unique lawn care problems. You can view our notes electronically, so you know that our techs take the time to upload them to our devices.

And you’ll notice that our streamlined process makes it simple for you to work with us. You won’t be staying up late at night worrying if Ecolawn will be visiting a prominent client for a weed control problem. We follow through on what we promise you.

How do we back up our claims?

Our guarantee applies to all of our lawn care clients—commercial and residential. If something goes wrong, we want you to call us so we can make it right.

We have 20 commercial mowing and property management clients that we work within the Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber-Midway regions. These clients have provided written testimonials, and you can visit their properties to see the results of our lawn care and plant health care services.

You can also talk to our existing contractors. We have a solid reputation, and we encourage you to speak to our commercial clients.

What You Should Expect from Ecolawn’s Lawn and Plant Health Care Programs

You can expect the following seven services when you partner with us at Ecolawn:

  1. Good communication. You’ll know when we’ll be on your property. We send reminders a day ahead of time as well as knock on your door to let you know we arrived.
  1. We’ll bill you on time. You’ll receive an invoice right away, and you can pay it online saving you even more time.
  1. Your commercial properties will be weed-free and looking fabulous.
  1. Customer service guarantee. If something goes wrong between visits, call, text or email us right away. We’ll come back to the property and fix the problem.
  1. We simplified the partnership process. At Ecolawn, we built a tremendous contracting program, so you don’t have to worry about us following through on our commitment to your customers. We do our job correctly so you can focus on your company and its services.

Why should the property manager, lawn mowing company, or other commercial clients get their lawn care services from Ecolawn?

At Ecolawn, we built a collaboration program to make working with you simple. We focus on good, professional communication.

We have one person dedicated to answering customer questions and concerns. During regular office hours, you’re guaranteed to talk with someone—either our dedicated customer service representative or her assistant.

We have account managers who’ll stay in touch with you, and you can turn to when you have any questions or concerns. The account manager assigned to you is based on where your commercial property is located in Utah or Wasatch counties.

We catch everything. If there is a problem on one of your client’s lawns or flowerbeds, we’ll see it right away, log it and make recommendations.

We make developing relationships with all of our customers a top priority. Our streamlined collaboration program optimizes effective work solutions to make the partnership work smoothly.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services over anyone else?

Lawn mowing, sprinkler system and other contractors, as well as property managers, can focus on their services. You’ll notice you have happier customers because of our customized lawn care and plant health care programs.

Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services won’t detract from your company’s core competency. Instead, we enhance your company’s image and reputation.

There are seven benefits of using Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services over anyone else.

We give our customers seven benefits to count on when they partner with us:

  1. We have an established partnership system. So, we make the transition to onboarding with us a smooth process.
  1. We have experience working with contractors and property managers.
  1. Our current commercial clients will agree that we work well with other contracting businesses.
  1. We’re flexible to work with—our goal is to make your life simpler—not harder.
  1. We tailor our lawn care and plant health care programs to your company’s needs.
  1. We work with your schedule. For example, if you’re a mowing service, we’ll schedule a different day for our fertilizer and weed control treatments.
  1. Our administrative team is outstanding. We have one administrative team member dedicated to answering questions and helping our clients. If she’s unable to talk to you, you’ll speak with her assistant.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services?

If you choose not to partner with us, you may experience the following issues with another lawn care company:

  1. Your lawn service techs may be inexperienced using lawn care products, such as fertilizer, weed control and fungicides.
  1. Your lawn care service may not offer plant health care services, only lawn care services.
  1. You may experience a company that doesn’t have a friendly administrative staff. Plus, you probably won’t find another UT lawn care company that employs one person dedicated to answering and solving problems on the phone.
  1. You may team up with a lawn care company that doesn’t offer a comprehensive guarantee for their services and products.
  1. You may not be a high priority to them. The lawn care company you partner with may put their other clients ahead of you.
  1. Coordinating your mowing days with lawn care treatments may be difficult with other lawn care companies. You may not find another lawn care company willing to work with your mowing or contracting schedule.

How are Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services delivered?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to lawn care equipment. We use a variety of equipment to deliver our lawn care products to you including:

  1. A tanker truck with a hose
  1. Backpacks with low-emission sprayers
  1. Lawn spreaders and carts
  1. Riding machines.

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