Topdressing The Lawn

One of the most effective and underrated methods to bolster your lawn’s health is top dressing—a simple yet impactful practice that involves applying a thin layer of quality topsoil or organic matter onto the existing grass. This annual ritual offers a plethora of benefits that not only rejuvenate your lawn but also support its long-term […]

Should I Take A Soil Sample?

Soil samples provide vital information about the nutrient content of the soil, enabling precise fertilization to meet the specific needs of Kentucky bluegrass. Knowing the soil’s pH level helps determine if it’s suitable for Kentucky bluegrass, which typically thrives in slightly acidic to neutral soils (pH 6.0-7.0) Understanding soil composition – whether it’s sandy, clayey, […]

What Does Potassium Do?

Utah homeowners often strive for a lush, healthy lawn, and one of the most popular choices for achieving this is Kentucky bluegrass. This resilient grass variety has gained immense popularity due to its beautiful appearance and ability to thrive in Utah’s climate. However, maintaining a Kentucky bluegrass lawn requires attention to various nutrients, with potassium […]