Water Conservation

Ecolawn’s Two Water-Saving Products

Drought conditions in Utah continue to worsen even when we have record snowfall. If we continue on this drought route, there may be city restrictions on outdoor water use.

However, you don’t need to chuck your dreams of a beautiful summer lawn surrounded by colorful flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. Our two water-saving products will keep moisture in your soil for up to three months. You’ll notice a 40% water-savings right away with these hygroscopic humectant treatments.

Ecolawn’s Water-Saving Products

At Ecolawn, we know the importance of conserving water. Utah’s desert-like climate makes growing a healthy lawn and landscape a challenge.

As lawn care professionals, we’ve witnessed firsthand how summer drought affects turfgrass. Dry spots, diseases and insects attack lawns that go dormant. And your property will look dull and brown.

Here are Utah’s drought statistics: 60% of Utah is in a moderate drought, and 33% of the state is abnormally dry that could lead to a drought situation. Even though Utah received the right amount of snow this winter, it wasn’t enough to make up for drier, less snowy years.

At Ecolawn, we use two water-saving products that draw moisture from the atmosphere and keep it locked in the soil for a longer period.

Typically, gravity will pull water vapor away from the soil so it can’t percolate down deep into the ground. Also, plants can’t use water vapor—they take up their moisture through their root system.

Hydretain is a natural product that works against gravity by transforming water vapor into moisture droplets that cling to a plant’s root hairs

We Apply Hydretain and Our Other Water-Conserving Product to Your Lawn and Landscape

We apply this product to your lawn, flowerbeds and other landscaped areas using our tanker truck with a hose or using a spreader for the granular product. You do need to water the product into the ground for it to start working.

We take appointments to apply this product in March or April. It lasts three months in the soil—getting your property through Utah’s harsh, dry summers.

Most customers only need one application in the spring. However, you may want us to apply a second treatment in June if you live in Park City and other areas that may have water restrictions and moderate drought.

Water-Conserving Treatments are Perfect for Homeowners

If you want a beautiful, thick lawn all summer, then you need our water-conserving products. Hydretain will save you 40% more water right away.

Hydretain is an investment. It’s an expensive product to put on your lawn and in your flowerbeds. But you reap the rewards when you get your water bill—you’ll be using less water to keep your property looking its best.

At Ecolawn, we recommend that you use Hydretain or our other water-saving product because of Utah’s arid conditions. In that first month, you’ll notice that your water bills are lower because you’re using less outdoor water.

What is the real value of Hydretain and other water-saving products?

Hydretain provides seven value-added reasons to invest in it. When you choose our water-saving products,

  1. You’ll notice a 40% water savings right away.
  1. You can still have a beautiful lawn and landscape even during a drought. Your yard grass won’t go dormant, and your landscape beds and planters won’t wilt.
  1. Your lawn will have no drought spots. It’ll be evenly green throughout your yard all summer long.
  1. Hydretain and our other water-saving product aren’t certified organic but are produced using food-grade, organic-based hygroscopic and humectant ingredients.
  1. Hydretain isn’t a wetting agent or a surfactant. Instead, Hydretain is a hygroscopic humectant that takes water vapor and turns it into water droplets within the soil. The hygroscopic humectants act as water magnets transforming water vapor into droplets, so the plant uptakes the moisture through its root hairs.
  1. Hydretain helps with seed germination and fertilization. You’ll notice grass sprouting faster with Hydretain. You’ll also see healthier, hardier plants because Hydretain works with fertilizer to deliver more nutrients to plants.
  1. You’ll avoid any water restriction fines by staying compliant with local lawn watering rules. Hydretain works for three months getting you through Utah’s hot summer.

What does Hydretain do?

After we apply Hydretain to your lawn and flowerbeds, you’ll need to water the product after application. From there, the product will attract water vapor molecules and attach them to root hairs.

Hydretain will then transform those water vapor molecules into tiny droplets that the plant can absorb and translocate to the rest of the plant. Hydretain does that by staying in the root zone and acting like a magnet, drawing down water evaporation back into the soil and keeping it in the root zone.

6 Benefits of Hydretain and Other Water-Saving Products

As mentioned above, Hydretain provides value to homeowners or property managers. Again, here are the six benefits of using Hydretain and similar water-saving products:

  1. You’ll notice lower water bills.
  1. You’re helping the environment by keeping moisture in the soil as well as not draining our groundwater supply through outdoor water usage.
  1. You can still have a beautiful lawn and landscape even if you need to reduce your water usage.
  1. You’ll know that Hydretain and similar products help with nutrient uptake after fertilization.
  1. Your turfgrass, trees, shrubs and planters stay alive and even thrive during a drought with Hydretain in the soil.
  1. Hydretain helps with seed germination including turfgrass seed. You’ll notice a fuller, greener lawn and bolder flowers in your flowerbeds.

What’s the cost of NOT using this product?

If you choose not to use Hydretain or our other hygroscopic humectant, you’ll notice the following:

  1. Your flowers and other perennials will wilt, and your lawn will go dormant, brown and dull.
  1. If there are municipal water restrictions, you’ll be limited in what you can do to revitalize your lawn and landscape.
  1. Your water bills will be higher.
  1. Your lawn care and plant health care bills will be higher, too, because we’ll need to renovate your lawn in the fall. Your perennials and ornamental woody plants may not survive the summer and are susceptible to disease and insects.
  1. You may feel desperate enough that you water your lawn and landscapes at night when no one can see you breaking water restriction laws.

Ecolawn Proudly Backs Up Hydretain and Its Other Hygroscopic Humectant

Many times, these types of miracle products are the tools of the trade for snake oil salespeople.

However, Hydretain is different. It’s not just a pie in the sky product. It works. Top land grant universities throughout the U.S. have tested Hydretain and wrote about their results. These universities published case studies and before/after pictures.

What can the customer expect from Hydretain and other hygroscopic humectants?

You’ll notice the results already mentioned above. You can expect:

  • Your lawn won’t go from green to brown.
  • Your lawn and landscape will thrive despite a drought and water restrictions.
  • You only need one treatment per season. One treatment will last three months covering the entire summer.
  • You can have a second treatment in late summer and early fall if you believe your lawn and gardens need one.

Why should you get the Hydretain applications through us at Ecolawn rather than our competitors?

For one simple reason: Not many other Salt Lake City, Park City or Heber-Midland lawn care companies provide this service for UT homeowners and property managers.

Plus, Ecolawn’s owner, Rob AhPing tested Hydretain to make sure it delivered on its promises, and he found that the product does work.

Rob also met the manufacturer and got training to use the product on residential and commercial lawns.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s water-saving products over anyone else?

You can trust us. We’ve studied this product and found it works on Utah’s lawns and gardens. Plus, it’s a safe product to use around children and pets. Hydretain and our other water-saving product don’t have any harmful chemicals that are released into the soil or air.

And our water-saving products benefit the soil and the environment. You use less outdoor water, and the products are designed to keep water in the ground where it’s needed most.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s water-saving products over anyone else?

When you hire Ecolawn to treat your lawn with Hydretain or a similar water-saving product, you’ll be working with experts. Our focus is on helping the environment, not making a buck with this product.

We’re concerned about Utah’s drought-situation, and we’re passionate about helping solve the problem rather than contributing to it. We work hard to find that sweet spot where you can have a beautiful lawn without wasting water.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s water-saving products over anyone else?

First, your property will suffer as mentioned above. Plus, other lawn care companies may not have our values when it comes to protecting the local environment and our waterways.

It’s easy to cut corners with this product because it’s expensive. So, an unscrupulous lawn service may use less product, charging you the same price as if they used the promised amount. And you wouldn’t know the difference until later in the summer when dry spots appear on your lawn and your landscape plants start to wilt.

How are Hydretain and other water-saving products applied to my lawn and gardens?

Since Hydretain and other water-saving products need heavy volume to apply to your property, we use our tanker trucks with hoses or spreaders for granular products.

Hydretain and other water-saving products do need watering to absorb into the ground. We can treat your lawn and landscape on a drizzly or damp day to save you even more water and money.

Aeration and Overseeding

19341219 – hand planting grass seed for overseeding green lawn care

Ecolawn Core Aeration and Overseeding Services

Core aeration and overseeding services are one of the best products you could invest in for your Utah lawn. It’s low cost and gives your lawn the much-needed care to survive and thrive in Utah’s arid climate.

Since Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber-Midway are in the mountains, the soil is more desert/clay soil. Utah soils are very hard, and soil compaction is a reality for all Utah lawns.

We recommend aeration two times a year—one time in the spring and another time in the fall.

Why Your Lawn Needs Overseeding Services in the Fall

In addition to aeration services, we recommend overseeding your UT lawn in the fall because your lawn grass is low on viable seeds. Low turf seed banks invite weed seeds to take over your property the following spring. So, we recommend that we aerate and overseed your lawn in the fall to build up your lawn’s seed bank

Ecolawn’s Aeration Service: How It Works

For our aeration services, we use an aerator to pull small plugs of soil out of the ground. Aeration opens up the soil to receive water, sunlight and oxygen.

It also allows carbon dioxide to release from the soil as well as helps with thatch reduction and encourages deep root growth. The soil plugs dissolve back into the ground the next time it rains or you water your lawn.

We also have an organic aeration product that works the same way as traditional aeration—but without the aerator and the soil plugs. It’s an organic liquid aeration that helps feed the soil as well as loosening it up.

As homeowners living in Salt Lake City, Park City, and Heber-Midway, UT, you desire a beautiful, dense lawn that leaves no room for weeds.

Plus, you want to avoid brown spots and turfgrass death occurring during the dry, hot summers. Aeration and overseeding services help prevent these lawn problems from developing.

The Benefits of Ecolawn’s Lawn Care Services

When you invest in our organic and hybrid lawn care services, you’re going to reduce the number of harmful chemicals used on your UT lawn. Instead, you’re going to have a vibrant eco-system that starts in the soil and goes upward toward your lawn grass.

At Ecolawn Care, we hire only the best. Our technicians are degreed and certified to perform lawn services in UT. You can feel confident that your Ecolawn technicians will do an excellent job on your Park City lawn.

When you hire us, you’ll notice that we’re not a “spray and go” lawn care company. We strive for quality in every part of our business including aeration and overseeding services.

How Does Aeration and Overseeding Work?

Aeration and overseeding services open up the soil to breathe as well as receive nutrients and seed. Your lawn will stand up better to harsh Utah summers when it receives the care it needs.

Liquid aeration conserves water as well as it retains moisture deep in the soil. Roots grow downward and expand leaving your lawn with a deep root system. Liquid aeration also undoes the damage that the desert climate and hard soil cause Park City lawns.

At Ecolawn, we’re working on either your lawn grass or the soil that houses it. Your lawn’s root system will be robust because it’ll grow deep down into the ground with aeration and overseeding.

Aeration also allows seeds to be planted deeper into the soil resulting in seedlings developing deeper root systems at the same time as growing a dense and green turf aboveground.

If you don’t invest in our organic lawn care services, you’ll notice that

  • Your UT lawn will thin out, allowing weeds to take over your Heber-Midway property.
  • Your lawn won’t recover well from drought and heat stress over the summer leaving brown spots and weeds to germinate.
  • You end up wasting money because aeration services cost less than having to renovate a damaged lawn.
  • Aeration is one of the best services you can invest in because you’re making your turfgrass stronger to handle summer’s harsh weather.

You can expect healthier and deeper root systems, fewer weeds, disease and brown spots. Your lawn will be able to recover in the fall back to its original green color and thickness. Aeration again in the fall encourages deep root growth, so your lawn survives the winter and thrives the following spring.

How Long Does It Take to Notice a Difference in Your Salt Lake City Lawn?

It takes half a season to a season to see the results of your investment. Since aeration services are a low-cost item, it’s an excellent investment for protecting your lawn from the harsh Utah summers.

We have turfgrass science to back us up. Utah State University, a land grant university, has articles discussing the benefits of aeration and overseeding services for local lawns.

You Can Expect Quality Lawn Care and Exceptional Customer Service

At Ecolawn, we care about quality. We develop a holistic approach to lawn care that includes feeding and nurturing the soil as well as encouraging healthy lawn grass.

We care about our customers’ peace of mind and satisfaction with all of our organic products and services. We value customer support and communication.

If a product isn’t working or you have questions about your recent application, call, email or text us with your questions. We’ll get back to you with an answer.

Ecolawn’s quest is to find and use the best organic options on the market as well as deliver exemplary customer service.

We use a variety of equipment. For aeration and overseeding, we use an aerator and then, a slit seeder to overseed your Salt Lake City lawn.

For liquid aeration, we’ll apply an organic liquid spray made with all natural ingredients using a backpack applicator or a larger tank with a hose.

We’ll flag the area where we applied our liquid aerator, so no one walks or plays in the treated area. Even though our organic lawn products are safe, we do recommend that you wait a few hours before sending your children and pets out to play in the yard.

We’re Your One-Stop Lawn Care Service

When you become one of Ecolawn’s customers, we take copious notes of your property. We get to know your lawn so well that we know which areas need more attention compared to other parts of your property.

For example, we’ll know if one part of your lawn is more heavily compacted than another space. So, we’ll make extra passes with our aerator to loosen up that heavier soil.

We customize our lawn care services, including our core aeration and overseeding services, to benefit your unique lawn. We don’t employ a one-size fit all approach to lawn care.

If you choose one of our competitors, you may not get the same level of customization and one-on-one customer service as you would when you partner with us at Ecolawn Care.

Garden Weed Control


We offer a monthly weed control program that will save you hours of pulling weeds in the hot Utah summer months.

Our clients love our garden weed control program. In the early Spring, we start with a weed pre-emergent. Then we return each month of the season to spray all new grasses and weeds.

When it comes to spraying in your garden beds, you need a company that takes your garden as seriously as you do. You need technicians who are extremely careful and well trained. We are proud to tell you that each of our technicians is certified and rigorously trained. As always, this program has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to giving you a pretty garden and a great experience.

*This program can be bundled with the plant fertilization program at a heavily discounted price.

Flower Beds

What weeds do we spray?

Broadleaf Weeds: Dandelion, Plantain, Thistle, Clover, Oxalis, Spurge, Yarrow, Ground Ivy, Chickweed, Black Medic, Pigweed, Purslane, Speedwell, Star of Bethlehem, Curly Dock, Bindweed, Grape Hyacinth, Henbit, Kochia, Mallow, Violets, Yellow Woodsorrel, and many more.

Grassy weeds like: Barnyard Grass, Pasture Grass, Bluegrass, Quackgrass, Bentgrass, Bermuda Grass, Foxtail, Crabgrass, etc.

Sedges: Yellow Nutsedge, Purple Nutsedge, Annual Sedge, Globe Sedge

When do you come out?

On average we come out 5 times a year: April, May, June, July and September. We also offer monthly bed treatments in some areas.

What do you use to spray my flower beds?

We keep quite a few different products on our shelves, but some of the ones we use most often include:

Mirimichi Green Pro: OMRI Certified (Organic Material Review Institute) non-selective

Avenger: Organic herbicide made from citrus oil

Makaze: Agricultural non-selective with Leci-tech technology which penetrates the lead surface enabling greater uptake and kill. (Not organic)

Finalsans: Herbicidal soap made from fatty acids. (Organic)

How long do I have to stay off?

We recommend staying off at least until dry (30 minutes). This will allow the product to work its way into the plant and be absorbed with being disturbed.

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of your treatment.
  2. We spray the weeds in your garden. (We cannot spray weeds or grass that grow within 3 inches of your plants.
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Weeds begin to curl within 10 days, with some dying slower than others. Be aware that new weeds can emerge each week.
  5. We offer free weed touchups if the weeds do not begin to die after 10 days.
  6. We return every month during the season.

Lawn Fertilization


This is much more than just lawn fertilization

Your lawn is an ecosystem full of soil-enriching organisms. Eco Lawn of Park City’s Lawn Fertilization monthly program bolsters the health of the entire system with high-end, eco-friendly products.

Our team has spent years developing a program using an innovative hybrid of organic and conventional products, and we are very excited about the results. We use humates, iron, micronutrients, compost tea, and liquid and granular fertilizer and each treatment is modified based on the area’s temperature and rainfall. Our company uses high-end products that cause minimal environmental impact and our technicians spot-spray weeds whenever possible. Not all of our products are organic, but everything we do centers around establishing a healthy lawn and a healthy environment for your kids and pets.

Why choose us?

We’re in it for the long run. We want to have a successful relationship with each of our clients and we care about the long-term health of your lawn – grass, soil, worms, roots, and all. Other Utah lawn care companies carelessly drench the grass with cheap weed control and nitrogen that sterilize the soil and contaminate our water supply. Although every lawn is susceptible to heat, pests, and other external factors, the soil and root systems on our properties serve as a strong defense system against them. On top of that, our service carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you until you get the results you desire.

We firmly believe that Eco Lawn is at the forefront of an industry-wide transformation. Each year, new scientific research confirms the ecological benefits of sustainable landscaping. More and more homeowners are making the switch every day. We expect to see every major lawn care company in the country adopt similar eco-friendly techniques within the next 15 years.

What products do you use on my lawn?

We use a very wide variety of products throughout the season. Things could change from week to week depending on the weather, the amount of moisture we are getting, and the amount of weeds that germinate during each season. These 3 factors are always changing and so we have to have the flexibility to be able to adapt and use the best product at the time. Here is a list of some of the type of products that we can use throughout the course of the year:

  • Liquid Organic Humate
  • Granular organic humate
  • Compost tea (Brewed locally – see our compost tea page for more info)
  • Revive Soil conditioner
  • 28-4-10 Slow Release fertilizer with Humate
  • 28-4-10 Slow release fertilizer with Compost
  • Milorganite
  • Sea Kelp
  • Hydrolyzed Fish
  • 32-5-7 Fertilizer with 75% slow release
  • Iron + Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Boron
  • Azomite
  • Rock Dust (California)
  • Lime with Calcium
  • Gypsum
  • Launch (organic liquid soil conditioner)
  • Potassium (granular)
  • Beneficial Microbes (insect + fungal)
  • Lawn Lift – Turf paint (non toxic)
  • Liberate (Surfactant)
  • Wintergreen oil, mint oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil,

When and how often do you come to treat my lawn?

Here is a general idea of our program:

  • Along the Wasatch Front you recieve 6 lawn + 1 insect treatment
  • Along the Wasatch Back you recieve 6 lawn treatments.
Early Spring March/April Season start up fertilizer with organics Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Spring April/May Weed Control, Compost Tea or fertilizer injected with organics Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Early Summer May/June Compost tea with fertilizer + Weed control (SLC – Insect treatment) Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Summer June/July Fertilizer with Humates + organic soil conditioners + weed control Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Early Fall July/August Summer Stress combat – organic soil conditioners, compost tea Wasatch Front
Fall Sept Deep Root Fertilization + Organics Wasatch Front Wasatch Back
Early Winter Oct/Nov Winter Prep – Slow Release Wasatch Front Wasatch Back

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of each treatment.
  2. We treat your lawn.
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Weeds begin to curl within 2 weeks. Expect some weeds to die slower than others. (We offer free weed touchups if weeds do not begin to die after 2 weeks. Just contact us and we’ll come as soon as possible!)
  5. We return every 4-6 weeks during the season.

For more information about our lawn program, please visit our lawn care FAQ page.

Noxious Weed Control


A noxious weed is a plant that the government has designated as harmful to crops, animals, habitats, or entire ecosystems.

Many of them are invasive. They choke out native plants and crops, ruin trails and recreation areas, and even poison animals. Under Rule R-68-9 Utah Noxious Weed Act, you must take action if these plants are on your property. Your neighbors will probably thank you too!

Some of the most common noxious weeds in our Utah area include:

  • Thistle (Scotch, Musk, Canada, Yellowstar)
  • Dyers Woad
  • Houndstongue
  • Dalmation Toadflax
  • Hoary Cress (White Top)
  • Bindweed
  • Knapweed

Noxious weeds are tricky. They come in many forms, and can be easily confused with non-noxious plants, particularly during the early stages of development. For this reason, it’s important to hire a well-trained technician. Our technicians are certified, cautious, and thoroughly trained. 

Please be aware that areas with thick weed density require multiple treatments before they are under control. In addition, new weeds grow quickly and consistently throughout the season. Noxious weeds generate an incredible amount of seeds. These buggers can sit in the soil for years before sprouting. Even worse, seeds can travel a long distance, so you will likely be affected by the weeds of a neighboring property. Treating a large area for noxious weeds makes it easy to miss small patches of weeds, so some patience may be required. The battle against noxious weeds is tough, but Eco Lawn will help you take back your property.

The state of Utah has a total of 27 types of noxious weeds. Each Weed has its own germination cycle and time, and so it can be tricky to stay ahead of them. We have developed a program to help control them and also keep the cost to you as low as possible. Specific dates will change from year to year depending on weather, but the general program includes 3 Treatments between April 15th – Sept 30th:

  • Spring Treatment – Late April- Mid May
  • Early Summer Treatment – June/July
  • Early Fall/Fall Treatment – Aug – Sept

Timing and proper identification is everything when controlling Noxious Weeds. Ideally you hit the weeds in their “rosette” stage before they stalk.

Rosette Weed ControlRosette Weed Control

Once they stalk, you could have the potential for major weed problems. Each head contains thousands of seeds in it and if left alone for a year or two you will produce large infestations.

Rosette Weed Control

What do we use to control noxious weeds?

Our main weed control is Milestone, a specialty herbicide. It was designed to kill nasty weeds in native areas, trails, pastures, and open spaces. It is not an organic product but is considered one of the lower impact products on the market that has proven to be effective.

Milestone is labeled to kill over 50 types of weeds including thistles, Henbane, Knapweed, Henbit, Oxeye Daisy, Chicory, Horseweed, Curly Doc, Yarrow, and even Ragweed.

It is registered as an EPA “reduced risk pesticide.” It has such a low toxicity that it is considered non-toxic to human, fish, bees, and birds. Once applied it is broken down by soil microbial activity very quickly and does not leach through soil. It will not injure desired grasses.

In areas that do not have desired grasses or vegetation we can use a non-selective herbicide called Finalsans. This is an organic non-selective weed control made by Neudorff. Its active ingredient is soap of fatty acids.

Milestone is registered by Dow AgroSciences LLC under the EPA Reg. NO. 62719-519

Our Pricing

Our Noxious Weed control treatment prices start at $80

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of each visit.
  2. We spray your noxious weeds.
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Weeds begin to curl within 2 weeks. Expect some weeds to die slower than others and expect new weeds to emerge every week.
  5. We return every 6 weeks during the season.

Plant Fertilization


Eco Lawn of Park City offers a plant fertilization program for your flowers, plants, and shrubs.

We feed your garden monthly with high-quality fertilizer infused with compost and micronutrients. This keeps your garden beds healthy and robust.

*This program can be bundled with the garden weed control program at a heavily discounted price.

Eco Lawn guarantees 100% satisfaction. Our small, energetic team works constantly to innovate and improve our service because we want to provide you with the best experience possible. Each technician is certified and trained to Eco Lawn’s high standards. We promise to work hard to give you the results you are looking for in your garden. Feel free to reach out us at any time if you have any special requests.

Read our Google Reviews.

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of each visit.
  2. We fertilize your plants, shrubs, and flowers.
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Your plants grow strong and healthy!
  5. We return each month during the season.