Fungus and Disease

Ecolawn Provides Fungicide and Lawn Care to Get Rid of NRS & Other Fungal Lawn Diseases

If your Salt Lake City, Provo, Heber-Midway or Park City lawn is showing any sign of a brown patch disease, including Necrotic Ring Spot, or snow molds, you need to contact us at Ecolawn today. We provide both traditional and organic fungicides to repress or destroy all lawn diseases. We’ll also reseed your lawn if turfgrass doesn’t recover well from a lawn fungal disease.

Lawn Fungal Diseases and How Ecolawn Restores Your Lawn to Health

If your home is located in Heber-Midway or Salt Lake City, UT where there are more construction and development, you may notice that your lawn has developed a fungal disease.

Specifically, you may notice that your lawn has patches of light brown or tan. This could be Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS). NRS attacks lawn grass at the roots and crowns causing your lawn to exhibit brown spots of dead grass.

Heber-Midway and Salt Lake City homeowners are at more of a risk for this disease due to pollution, poor mowing habits, and spreading the disease by walking or mowing your lawn. Soil compaction and too much (or too little) lawn irrigation also contribute to this disease.

Ecolawn’s Fungal Disease Lawn Service

At Ecolawn, we’ll visit your lawn to diagnose and then spot-treat NRS with fungicide. The goal is to control the disease first with the right fungicide and then, replant those affected areas with an NRS-resistant grass. For example, some Kentucky Blue varieties are resistant to the NRS strain.

We prefer to use our organic fungicide to treat NRS, but we understand that cost is a significant factor in your lawn care decision-making. So, we provide traditional fungicide as well. However, you’ll notice we use the least amount possible to get the results you want.

We’ll keep visiting your lawn to make sure that the spot treatments are working. You’ll notice that NRS-infected lawns won’t return to their original vitality, so we recommend reseeding those areas for new turfgrass to grow.

We’ll also coach you in best lawn management practices, such as proper lawn watering, aeration and overseeding services and investing in our organic fertilization program.

The Right Customers for Our Fungicide Treatments

Since Salt Lake City and Heber-Midway are located in a valley, environmental pollutants get trapped in the air, soil and water. Also, construction and no previous lawn care opens up your lawn grass to disease.

If you’re a homeowner or property manager in one of these cities, you need to hire us at Ecolawn to treat your lawn’s fungal problem as well as aerate and reseed your lawn so turfgrass can grow back.

The Value of Investing in Our Lawn Service to Protect Your Lawn from NRS and Other Fungal Diseases

While Salt Lake City or Heber-Midway homeowners deal primarily with NRS, homeowners in Park City, Wasatch and Utah counties deal with dollar spot and some snow molds.

For snow mold and dollar spot, we’ll evaluate your lawn periodically to see if the disease spreads. If there are no changes, we advise you to let your yard grass grow out the disease while providing organic lawn care services, including fertilizer and compost teas to rehabilitate the soil.

Again, our organic compost teas put good fungi back into the soil to destroy harmful fungi, such as dollar spot and snow molds.

For NRS, you need to stay on top of the disease, or it’ll spread throughout your Salt Lake City lawn and destroy it. We recommend that you hire us to evaluate and spot treat your affected lawn regularly, so the soil pathogen doesn’t spread. Otherwise, you may need a complete lawn restoration, which would be costly.

We strongly encourage all of our customers—including those who’s lawn has a fungal disease and is getting it treated—to keep communication open between us. You can send us a text, call or email us with your lawn disease questions and problems.

If our fungicide products aren’t working, we need to know right away so we can visit your property and fix the problem.

Our Lawn Disease Program Defined

Our traditional fungicide for NRS will kill the disease. We always recommend our organic fungicide and other natural lawn care treatments because they won’t affect the environment like conventional products.

NRS can’t be ignored. There are too many environmental conditions feed into the disease. Plus, it can kill your lawn—a significant investment that is expensive to repair or completely renovate.

We recommend either our hybrid or organic lawn care to rehabilitate your lawn grass and soil after NRS is controlled. If you prefer traditional over natural, we’ll devise a program that gets rid of or represses of the pathogen in your soil. Plus, we’ll use soil amendments that build up your Heber or Salt Lake City lawn.

If you’re a homeowner in Park City or Heber, and you prefer organic lawn care over traditional methods, then we’ll rehabilitate your soil after brown patch, dollar spot, NRS and snow mold disappear from your yard.

How Ecolawn’s Fungicide and Lawn Care Benefits Your Utah Lawn

Right now, we’re the only organic lawn care company in Wasatch and Utah counties that takes a natural and holistic approach to lawn fungal diseases.

For homeowners with NRS lawns, we stop or suppress the disease, so you don’t need to renovate your lawn. We use the fungicides that kill the pathogen as well as reseed your lawn with Kentucky bluegrass that is resistant to NRS.

Yet, there are times when we can only suppress NRS, which means we stop it from spreading. We suggest that you reseed your lawn with a resistant turfgrass variety.

At Ecolawn, our technicians will continue to monitor your lawn for NRS, apply additional fungicide treatments as needed to stop or suppress NRS in its tracks.

What is the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s Fungicide Treatment Plan

If you choose to ignore NRS and other fungal diseases in your UT lawn, then you’re risking your entire lawn, and the fungus will continue to spread leaving yours with a dead yard.

NRS attacks the roots and crowns of lawn grass. If you allow the disease to spread, the soil is contaminated with the NRS pathogen, and you’re losing beneficial organisms at the same time. In other words, your lawn soil will be unbalanced and deficient without our treatment program.

Your soil needs amendments, including compost tea, to put beneficial fungi back into the soil. The good fungi kill the bad fungi including NRS.

Additionally, you risk your soil becoming completely depleted and compacted with no turf growing that leads to extensive and expensive lawn renovation.

What are the Ecolawn fungicide service’s results?

When you hire Ecolawn, you’ll notice a difference with your lawn within one week. The diseased turf will become duller in color—it won’t be a vibrant brown or gold. However, it’ll take a few weeks until healthy lawn grass grows back.

You can expect two results from our lawn disease program—your yard grass will grow back vibrant and green, or it won’t grow back at all. If your turfgrass doesn’t grow back or it’s not dynamic and green, you’ll need us to reseed the area with new grass seed.

We back up our lawn program with before and after pictures in our gallery.

What You, the Customer, Can Expect from Ecolawn’s Fungicide Treatment

We encourage our customers to take pictures of the brown patches on their property and upload them to our customer service form. We’ll evaluate your photographs and make a diagnosis right away.

However, if you have NRS, you need us to visit your property in person to make the correct diagnosis and the best treatment plan.

If we can’t determine what is causing your brown patches, one of our technicians will visit your property and take samples of the infected turf. If we can’t figure out what’s causing the spots to develop on your lawn, we’ll take samples and send them to Utah State University’s turf program to get a diagnosis.

Our goal is to diagnose and treat your lawn’s fungal diseases right away, so they don’t continue to spread throughout the rest of your lawn.

As soon as we diagnose your lawn disease, we’ll apply our fungal treatment right away. We use backpacks with sprayers. We’ll spray the infected area as well as 1’ – 2’ outside of the patch to stop pathogens from spreading.

Why should the customer get the fungal treatments from Ecolawn rather than its competitors?

At Ecolawn, we take a holistic approach to lawn care. So, we’ll be on your property evaluating your yard for disease reduction and healthy turfgrass recovery. We’ll spot treat those patches that are resistant, so they start to die to allow healthy turf to regrow in that area.

What is the value of using Ecolawn’s lawn disease program over anyone else?

We take a personal approach with all of our customers. When our technicians visit your property to treat it, they also evaluate your property to make sure that the disease is regressing and healthy turfgrass is coming back.

Our goals include making sure that your UT lawn looks great. Also, we make taking care of your lawn simple to achieve healthy results.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s fungicide treatments over anyone else?

At Ecolawn, we strive to use less synthetic methods for lawn care including fungicide treatments. If you choose the traditional fungicide to treat your Salt Lake City yard, we’ll use the lowest amount to stop NRS and other fungal diseases from spreading to the rest of your lawn.

We also offer organic solutions for Park City homeowners who want fewer chemicals on their properties. We’re the only organic lawn service providing organic fungicide to stop patch diseases from spreading throughout your yard.

The Cost of NOT Using Ecolawn’s Fungicide Solutions

Like most things, lawns and soil become addicted to synthetic treatments. You’ll notice that some lawn services have to use more fungicide each season to stop or repress NRS and other patch diseases from destroying your property.

At Ecolawn, you get a holistic, organic lawn service. Our organic lawn fertilizers and soil amendments, especially our compost teas, feed the soil.

For example, we brew our organic compost tea. We know that it contains beneficial fungi and bacteria that fight and destroy NRS and other fungal lawn diseases. So, our technicians don’t have to keep using more and more synthetic (if any) fungicides to kill NRS and other pathogens from taking over your entire lawn.

Additionally, our organic fungicide and other lawn treatments are perfectly safe to use around children and pets. Your family, including your furry friends, won’t be absorbing or breathing in any harmful chemicals left on your lawn.

Finally, our organic lawn treatments feed the earth rather than damage it. We don’t blanket an entire lawn with hazardous chemicals that kill beneficial insects. Instead, we care about our Utah environment that we add nutrients rather than sterilize the soil by spraying too much conventional fungicide on your UT property.

How does Ecolawn deliver their fungicide services?

We first evaluate your lawn from the pictures you upload to our website. Then, we design a program that destroys or suppress most lawn fungal diseases.

Remember, if your property has NRS, you can’t upload photos of your lawn. Instead, we need to visit your property in person to evaluate your yard.

Our technicians use backpack sprayers or spreaders to make accurate applications where the disease is located in your yard rather than spraying the entire property. Our fungicide products come in liquid and granular forms.

For traditional fungicide applications, we’re very cautious and careful about where we spray on your lawn. So, we use backpack sprayers that contain the synthetic fungicide as well as some organic soil amendments to offset the damage done by the fungicide.


Utah State University, “Necrotic Ring Spot,” PDF: Fact Sheet.

How Compost Teas Restore Your UT Soil Back to Life

The soil that houses your UT lawn grass teems with microorganisms that feed nematodes, earthworms and other beneficial critters belowground.

You want this dynamic soil food web, so it produces green, thick turf aboveground as well as enhances the local environment. Ecolawn’s organic compost teas are packed with beneficial microorganisms that revitalize your soil into a thriving eco-system.

What is compost tea? How does it restore your UT soil to health?

Compost tea is a liquid soil amendment designed to restore a healthy eco-system into your Utah County lawn and soil.

Ecolawn’s compost tea contains organic compost, such as discarded fruits and vegetables, topsoil and oxygen. The compost tea is slow-brewed taking up to two days to complete.

Rob Ah Ping, Ecolawn’s owner, uses 10 to 15 pounds of compost to make his teas. The organic ingredients vary based on the time of year and the type of bacteria and fungi he adds to his tea.

When Rob has finished brewing the compost tea, the soil amendment is loaded with millions of beneficial microorganisms, including good bacteria and fungi that feed the soil and encourage more microorganisms to development. Earthworms, spiders and other beneficial insects feed on these micro-organisms as well as create a healthy, underground eco-system.

Traditional fertilizers and herbicides sterilize the ground making it harder for the UT homeowner to produce beautiful green grass. Our compost tea is a natural powerhouse that rehabilitates sterile soil.

Who are the best people to invest in compost teas?

Homeowners, property managers and HOA boards in Utah and Wasatch counties who desire organic lawn care want our compost teas applied to their yards. We design our compost teas for homeowners and property managers who want to restore their UT soils back to health.

Yet, if you decide to invest in organic lawn care for your Provo yard, you need to realize that natural lawns take longer to restore. For example, you won’t have an instantaneous green grass with no weeds the first season we apply compost teas to your property.

Indeed, organic fertilizer and soil amendments like compost tea take a season or two to work in the soil and build it up as an eco-system powerhouse. At Ecolawn, we do add some fertilizer with our compost teas to give your lawn the green up you desire while you wait for the compost teas and organic fertilizers to work their magic underground.

The Real Value of Adding Compost Tea to Your Draper, UT Lawn

There are many benefits for adding compost teas to your soil. At Ecolawn, we believe that you’re getting the best compost tea from us because we care about quality control.

If you choose to hire another lawn care company that gets its compost tea shipped from out of state, you’re running the risk that the beneficial organisms in the tea will die.

Our compost tea has millions of microorganisms that will not die before they reach your lawn because we make our compost tea. You’re getting a fresh batch sprayed on your Utah lawn to ensure that every beneficial organism from our compost tea reaches your soil.

Since you’re getting all of the microorganisms in your soil, you’ll notice that you’re adding life back into the earth. Here are five benefits for using our locally brewed compost teas over a competitor’s compost tea:

  1. Local compost is used in the tea to encourage the right microorganisms to develop in your lawn’s soil.
  1. Our compost tea slowly rebuilds your soil. Our compost tea breaks down to the point where you can reduce the amount of fertilizer that we apply to your lawn by 70-80%. In the first season, we can reduce the number of fertilizers that you use by 40%.
  1. You can say with confidence that you have a real lawn because of the abundant eco-system belowground. We won’t need to use any traditional fertilizer because your soil is teeming with life to break down natural waste into fertilizer.
  1. Our compost teas benefit all of the organisms living in your soil. Your soil becomes a powerhouse by building up the good bacteria and fungi that attracts nematodes, earthworms and beneficial insects to eat them. We call this process the soil’s food web.
  1. Our compost tea provides consistent results, so you don’t need to reapply fertilizer constantly. Your lawn’s soil can reproduce nutrients naturally in its food web.

What does compost tea do?

At Ecolawn, we can back up the benefits of compost tea applications with years of research. Organic farmers started using compost teas on their fields, and they found that their crops didn’t have the same amount of fungal problems compared to crops that never had compost tea added to the soil.

So, when you build up your soil with beneficial fungi, you’ll have less fungal problems on your lawns. Plus, you’ll use fewer fungicides to get your yard grass back to health.

Compost Tea Provides These Seven Benefits to Your Salt Lake City Lawn

As you know, compost teas recreate a healthy, vibrant eco-system in your property’s soil. After we apply compost teas to restore your UT soil, you’ll notice these seven additional benefits:

  1. Your lawn grass is sustainable. It can withstand drought and Utah’s hot summers. It’s more resistant to disease and other lawn problems.
  1. Your lawn will need fewer fertilizers—organic or synthetic—to produce thick, green grass.
  1. Your lawn will be beautiful and a delight with the least amount of impact on the environment.
  1. There will be an increase in the number of healthy organisms in your soil because you’re putting life back into it.
  1. Your lawn will have less fungal problems compared to lawns treated with no compost teas.
  1. Your lawn will survive the hot, dry summer and prolonged droughts better when compost teas are used compared to not using teas. For example, you’ll notice that your yard has fewer drought stress spots appearing in the fall.

Compost tea helps your lawn’s root systems to go down deep into the earth to find those moisture stores during a dry stretch.

  1. Your soil will be a dark, rich brown because of its healthy eco-system. Since there is life back in the ground, you’ll notice that your soil gradually transforms into a darker, richer brown because it has the right nutrients to create healthy soil.

Here’s What to Expect When You Don’t Hire Us to Apply Compost Tea to Your Provo, UT Lawn

When you don’t hire us to apply our customized compost tea to your Provo turfgrass, you’ll notice that you still need to use the same amount or more fertilizers to create a dense, verdant lawn.

Your lawn grass won’t be able to handle droughts, you’ll have more fungal diseases, and you’ll need to pay more money over the years to produce a green lawn.

You Can Expect These Six Results When You Hire Ecolawn to Apply Our Compost Tea to Your Lawn

In addition to the above benefits of adding compost tea to your lawn, you can expect the following six results:

  1. The soil is healthier and alive.
  1. The lawn grass is healthier and can withstand Utah’s harsh climate.
  1. You use fewer fertilizers and other nutrients to get your lawn to look its best.
  1. Your lawn is more resilient to fight off fungal diseases, drought stress spots and insect problems.
  1. You’ll see that there are no brown spots on your lawn after the summer season is over.
  1. After a few seasons, you’ll notice that your lawn needs less water to maintain its greenness and vitality.

Ecolawn Backs Up Compost Teas Benefits

Rob Ah Ping can back up the benefits of using compost teas on Utah lawns. He studied under the founder of lawn compost teas, and he continually takes new courses on soil health.

Soil health scientists also attest to the benefits of using compost teas on lawns to create both a healthy soil eco-system as well as a vibrant lawn that stands up to Utah’s harsh summers.

What You Can Expect After We Apply Compost Tea to Your Park City Lawn

You’ll start to notice a difference in your lawn the second season you hire us to apply compost tea. Our Ecolawn technicians also track and take note of how the compost teas are benefitting your lawn.

After two to three seasons of using our compost teas, you’ll notice your lawn will have less drought stress spots, there will be no fungal or insect problems, and you’ll have green, lush grass.

Why You Need Ecolawn’s Compost Tea Services Rather Than Our Competitor’s Compost Teas

You may be tempted to go with one of our competitors. However, most organic lawn care companies buy their compost teas out-of-state, which means that some of the beneficial bacteria and fungi die while the tea is being shipped.

At Ecolawn, we provide you with a unique product and service. We brew our compost teas using ingredients from the local area to produce a tea that will help your soil revive its eco-system.

So, our organic compost tea is fresh and includes all of the millions of good bacteria and fungi as we promise you.

We test our compost teas to make sure they contain the necessary biological microorganisms to feed your soil. We’ve invested in the research and development of our compost teas to ensure you get the freshest, most beneficial-filled tea to restore your lawn to its original beauty.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s compost tea over anyone else?

You’re getting local compost tea brewed to meet Utah’s unique soil needs as well as a product that works well with the local climate. Our compost teas rehabilitate UT lawns back into living eco-systems.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s compost tea over anyone else?

Our compost teas provide a healthy eco-system belowground, so your turf aboveground grows green, thick and nearly weed-free. Plus, you’ll notice that your water bills will be lower after a few years of compost tea applications. Your lawn will need less water to keep it green and mean.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s compost tea?

You’ll notice that you still need to use more and more fertilizer to produce a green lawn. You’ll also see that you’re using more weed controls—especially if you use traditional herbicides to treat weeds.

Finally, you’re leaving a more negative impact on the environment’s health and well-being. You’re also contributing to more fertilizer and herbicides entering Utah’s waterways.

How do we deliver our compost teas to your lawn?

When our technician comes to your property to add compost tea to your UT yard, we’ll apply our tea through a large tank. We liberally spray our compost tea on your grass and soil. Generally, we prefer to spray our compost tea on moist soil so it can penetrate quickly into the ground.

We apply our compost tea on dry soil if Wasatch County is experiencing a drought. We recommend that you stick to your regular lawn sprinkler schedule to ensure that your lawn gets the needed water that will help the soil to absorb our compost tea.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Property Lawn Care Solutions

Ecolawn Provides Lawn Care Solutions to Commercial Properties

At Ecolawn, we provide lawn care and plant health care solutions for our commercial clients. Our business consists of 40% commercial customers. We work with property managers, mowing services, irrigation contractors and many others.

Ecolawn’s Lawn Care Services for Commercial Properties

If you’re a property manager who wants beautiful flowerbeds and a lush lawn to greet customers, then you need us at Ecolawn.

We provide the following three lawn services for our commercial clients:

  1. Flowerbed weed maintenance
  1. Noxious weed control
  1. Lawn fertilization.

We provide hybrid lawn care for our commercial properties since organic lawn care may not fit in your budget. Our hybrid lawn service includes traditional fertilizers blended with organic soil amendments.

However, if you’re a property manager who wants organic lawn care on your commercial property, let us know, and we’ll customize an organic lawn service program for you.

Specifically, we want to team up with other contractors, such as mowing companies and others who don’t provide lawn care solutions.

When you partner with us at Ecolawn, you’ll have licensed technicians providing hybrid lawn care that includes using less synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, as well as incorporates organic soil amendments to revitalize the soil.

The Ideal Client for Our Commercial Lawn Services

At Ecolawn, 40% of our commercial clients are partnerships with other green industry companies in Utah and Wasatch counties, such as

  • Property managers
  • Sprinkler system companies
  • Mowing companies who don’t provide lawn or plant fertilization programs
  • Pest control companies
  • Realtors who rent properties as well as sell homes
  • Tree care companies.

What is the real value of this service to mowing, irrigation, pest control, tree care and real estate companies?

For mowing, irrigation, pest control and tree care company owners, you’ll be able to offer more services to your residential and commercial clients. For your customers who want a full lawn service, you’ll be able to provide that when you add our lawn care services to your company.

Property managers benefit because your commercial property looks well cared for and colorful with a thick lawn. Business will improve because people will want to shop at your retail centers and eat at your restaurants because the lawns and landscapes are popping with color.

You’ll feel confident with our lawn care services. We’re a trustworthy company that will complete all our jobs on time. If something happens due to one of our services, we guarantee we’ll go back to the site and fix the problem.

For realtors, Ecolawn’s value to you is twofold:

  1. The lawn and landscape of your rental properties will improve. You’ll have greener and denser lawns able to withstand Utah’s dry climate. Plus, flowerbeds and other landscaped areas will be weed-free.
  1. If you’re selling properties, you benefit because homes will move faster due to tidier properties. Potential homebuyers will be attracted to the properties you represent because of a healthier and robust lawn as well as weed-less flowerbeds and landscapes.

We have plenty of referrals to share with you, so you know that you’re partnering with a company with integrity.

What does our commercial lawn care service do for you?

If you’re a mowing, pest control, realtor or any of our commercial clients, you know that you’re corroborating with the best lawn care company in Heber-Midway, Salt Lake City and Park City, UT.

The properties you serve will look their best when we provide lawn care solutions for your customers. And you’ll increase your client retention.

We simplify the process for you. Instead of juggling multiple lawn and landscape maintenance companies, you only need to deal with one company. You can trust us NOT to take any customers away from you. We don’t upsell our lawn care services to your client.

Instead, we support your mowing or property management company. We provide lawn care consulting services, too. For example, we’ll coach you on good lawn care practices and how our products work in the soil and plants.

There are 6 Benefits to Working with Ecolawn

When you contract with us to provide lawn care services for your clients, you’ll receive these six benefits:

  1. Your properties will have green, healthy lawns and weed-free flowerbeds.
  1. If any of your properties experience a reaction to our products in between visits, call us, and one of our technicians will return to the property to fix the problem.
  1. You’re guaranteed free touch-ups in-between our regular visits.
  1. We try to eliminate the headaches associated with lawn care and subcontracting relationships.
  1. Our technicians take thorough notes every time that they visit one of your properties.
  1. We simplify the process by creating a streamlined system with you. We have experience working with contractors, so we understand your needs, and we strive to meet them.

What is the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s lawn care services?

If you choose not to partner with us, you risk teaming up with a lawn care company where the technicians aren’t knowledgeable about soil and plant health. They also may not be licensed to apply fertilizers, pest and weed controls to your property.

You’re also not guaranteed a thick green lawn. Instead, you’ll notice that your commercial lawns will have dry spots, weeds popping up everywhere and more fungal diseases.

If you’re a mowing or landscape maintenance company, you may want to keep all of your services in-house to save money. If your technicians aren’t licensed or don’t understand primary lawn care, you risk the following:

  • Health risks from using pest and weed control products unsafely.
  • Burnt lawns because the wrong type of fertilizer was used or too much fertilizer was put on the grass.
  • Lawsuits because you ruined a client’s property.
  • More repeat visits in-between appointments fixing lawn care problems because of a lack of knowledge.
  • You may find that it’s hard to get licensing for your mowing technicians.

What are the results of using Ecolawn’s lawn care services?

  1. You’ll notice your customer’s property looks great and you’ll have happy clients.
  1. You’ll notice that you can offer more lawn services to your clients.
  1. When you partner with us for your clients’ lawn care needs, you’ll find that we’re experts on lawn care and plant health care. Plus, you’ll see that we want to communicate and work with you to make your job easier.
  1. You’ll feel more confident that we’re on top of your customers’ unique lawn care problems. You can view our notes electronically, so you know that our techs take the time to upload them to our devices.

And you’ll notice that our streamlined process makes it simple for you to work with us. You won’t be staying up late at night worrying if Ecolawn will be visiting a prominent client for a weed control problem. We follow through on what we promise you.

How do we back up our claims?

Our guarantee applies to all of our lawn care clients—commercial and residential. If something goes wrong, we want you to call us so we can make it right.

We have 20 commercial mowing and property management clients that we work within the Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber-Midway regions. These clients have provided written testimonials, and you can visit their properties to see the results of our lawn care and plant health care services.

You can also talk to our existing contractors. We have a solid reputation, and we encourage you to speak to our commercial clients.

What You Should Expect from Ecolawn’s Lawn and Plant Health Care Programs

You can expect the following seven services when you partner with us at Ecolawn:

  1. Good communication. You’ll know when we’ll be on your property. We send reminders a day ahead of time as well as knock on your door to let you know we arrived.
  1. We’ll bill you on time. You’ll receive an invoice right away, and you can pay it online saving you even more time.
  1. Your commercial properties will be weed-free and looking fabulous.
  1. Customer service guarantee. If something goes wrong between visits, call, text or email us right away. We’ll come back to the property and fix the problem.
  1. We simplified the partnership process. At Ecolawn, we built a tremendous contracting program, so you don’t have to worry about us following through on our commitment to your customers. We do our job correctly so you can focus on your company and its services.

Why should the property manager, lawn mowing company, or other commercial clients get their lawn care services from Ecolawn?

At Ecolawn, we built a collaboration program to make working with you simple. We focus on good, professional communication.

We have one person dedicated to answering customer questions and concerns. During regular office hours, you’re guaranteed to talk with someone—either our dedicated customer service representative or her assistant.

We have account managers who’ll stay in touch with you, and you can turn to when you have any questions or concerns. The account manager assigned to you is based on where your commercial property is located in Utah or Wasatch counties.

We catch everything. If there is a problem on one of your client’s lawns or flowerbeds, we’ll see it right away, log it and make recommendations.

We make developing relationships with all of our customers a top priority. Our streamlined collaboration program optimizes effective work solutions to make the partnership work smoothly.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services over anyone else?

Lawn mowing, sprinkler system and other contractors, as well as property managers, can focus on their services. You’ll notice you have happier customers because of our customized lawn care and plant health care programs.

Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services won’t detract from your company’s core competency. Instead, we enhance your company’s image and reputation.

There are seven benefits of using Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services over anyone else.

We give our customers seven benefits to count on when they partner with us:

  1. We have an established partnership system. So, we make the transition to onboarding with us a smooth process.
  1. We have experience working with contractors and property managers.
  1. Our current commercial clients will agree that we work well with other contracting businesses.
  1. We’re flexible to work with—our goal is to make your life simpler—not harder.
  1. We tailor our lawn care and plant health care programs to your company’s needs.
  1. We work with your schedule. For example, if you’re a mowing service, we’ll schedule a different day for our fertilizer and weed control treatments.
  1. Our administrative team is outstanding. We have one administrative team member dedicated to answering questions and helping our clients. If she’s unable to talk to you, you’ll speak with her assistant.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services?

If you choose not to partner with us, you may experience the following issues with another lawn care company:

  1. Your lawn service techs may be inexperienced using lawn care products, such as fertilizer, weed control and fungicides.
  1. Your lawn care service may not offer plant health care services, only lawn care services.
  1. You may experience a company that doesn’t have a friendly administrative staff. Plus, you probably won’t find another UT lawn care company that employs one person dedicated to answering and solving problems on the phone.
  1. You may team up with a lawn care company that doesn’t offer a comprehensive guarantee for their services and products.
  1. You may not be a high priority to them. The lawn care company you partner with may put their other clients ahead of you.
  1. Coordinating your mowing days with lawn care treatments may be difficult with other lawn care companies. You may not find another lawn care company willing to work with your mowing or contracting schedule.

How are Ecolawn’s lawn care and plant health care services delivered?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to lawn care equipment. We use a variety of equipment to deliver our lawn care products to you including:

  1. A tanker truck with a hose
  1. Backpacks with low-emission sprayers
  1. Lawn spreaders and carts
  1. Riding machines.

Water Conservation

Ecolawn’s Two Water-Saving Products

Drought conditions in Utah continue to worsen even when we have record snowfall. If we continue on this drought route, there may be city restrictions on outdoor water use.

However, you don’t need to chuck your dreams of a beautiful summer lawn surrounded by colorful flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. Our two water-saving products will keep moisture in your soil for up to three months. You’ll notice a 40% water-savings right away with these hygroscopic humectant treatments.

Ecolawn’s Water-Saving Products

At Ecolawn, we know the importance of conserving water. Utah’s desert-like climate makes growing a healthy lawn and landscape a challenge.

As lawn care professionals, we’ve witnessed firsthand how summer drought affects turfgrass. Dry spots, diseases and insects attack lawns that go dormant. And your property will look dull and brown.

Here are Utah’s drought statistics: 60% of Utah is in a moderate drought, and 33% of the state is abnormally dry that could lead to a drought situation. Even though Utah received the right amount of snow this winter, it wasn’t enough to make up for drier, less snowy years.

At Ecolawn, we use two water-saving products that draw moisture from the atmosphere and keep it locked in the soil for a longer period.

Typically, gravity will pull water vapor away from the soil so it can’t percolate down deep into the ground. Also, plants can’t use water vapor—they take up their moisture through their root system.

Hydretain is a natural product that works against gravity by transforming water vapor into moisture droplets that cling to a plant’s root hairs

We Apply Hydretain and Our Other Water-Conserving Product to Your Lawn and Landscape

We apply this product to your lawn, flowerbeds and other landscaped areas using our tanker truck with a hose or using a spreader for the granular product. You do need to water the product into the ground for it to start working.

We take appointments to apply this product in March or April. It lasts three months in the soil—getting your property through Utah’s harsh, dry summers.

Most customers only need one application in the spring. However, you may want us to apply a second treatment in June if you live in Park City and other areas that may have water restrictions and moderate drought.

Water-Conserving Treatments are Perfect for Homeowners

If you want a beautiful, thick lawn all summer, then you need our water-conserving products. Hydretain will save you 40% more water right away.

Hydretain is an investment. It’s an expensive product to put on your lawn and in your flowerbeds. But you reap the rewards when you get your water bill—you’ll be using less water to keep your property looking its best.

At Ecolawn, we recommend that you use Hydretain or our other water-saving product because of Utah’s arid conditions. In that first month, you’ll notice that your water bills are lower because you’re using less outdoor water.

What is the real value of Hydretain and other water-saving products?

Hydretain provides seven value-added reasons to invest in it. When you choose our water-saving products,

  1. You’ll notice a 40% water savings right away.
  1. You can still have a beautiful lawn and landscape even during a drought. Your yard grass won’t go dormant, and your landscape beds and planters won’t wilt.
  1. Your lawn will have no drought spots. It’ll be evenly green throughout your yard all summer long.
  1. Hydretain and our other water-saving product aren’t certified organic but are produced using food-grade, organic-based hygroscopic and humectant ingredients.
  1. Hydretain isn’t a wetting agent or a surfactant. Instead, Hydretain is a hygroscopic humectant that takes water vapor and turns it into water droplets within the soil. The hygroscopic humectants act as water magnets transforming water vapor into droplets, so the plant uptakes the moisture through its root hairs.
  1. Hydretain helps with seed germination and fertilization. You’ll notice grass sprouting faster with Hydretain. You’ll also see healthier, hardier plants because Hydretain works with fertilizer to deliver more nutrients to plants.
  1. You’ll avoid any water restriction fines by staying compliant with local lawn watering rules. Hydretain works for three months getting you through Utah’s hot summer.

What does Hydretain do?

After we apply Hydretain to your lawn and flowerbeds, you’ll need to water the product after application. From there, the product will attract water vapor molecules and attach them to root hairs.

Hydretain will then transform those water vapor molecules into tiny droplets that the plant can absorb and translocate to the rest of the plant. Hydretain does that by staying in the root zone and acting like a magnet, drawing down water evaporation back into the soil and keeping it in the root zone.

6 Benefits of Hydretain and Other Water-Saving Products

As mentioned above, Hydretain provides value to homeowners or property managers. Again, here are the six benefits of using Hydretain and similar water-saving products:

  1. You’ll notice lower water bills.
  1. You’re helping the environment by keeping moisture in the soil as well as not draining our groundwater supply through outdoor water usage.
  1. You can still have a beautiful lawn and landscape even if you need to reduce your water usage.
  1. You’ll know that Hydretain and similar products help with nutrient uptake after fertilization.
  1. Your turfgrass, trees, shrubs and planters stay alive and even thrive during a drought with Hydretain in the soil.
  1. Hydretain helps with seed germination including turfgrass seed. You’ll notice a fuller, greener lawn and bolder flowers in your flowerbeds.

What’s the cost of NOT using this product?

If you choose not to use Hydretain or our other hygroscopic humectant, you’ll notice the following:

  1. Your flowers and other perennials will wilt, and your lawn will go dormant, brown and dull.
  1. If there are municipal water restrictions, you’ll be limited in what you can do to revitalize your lawn and landscape.
  1. Your water bills will be higher.
  1. Your lawn care and plant health care bills will be higher, too, because we’ll need to renovate your lawn in the fall. Your perennials and ornamental woody plants may not survive the summer and are susceptible to disease and insects.
  1. You may feel desperate enough that you water your lawn and landscapes at night when no one can see you breaking water restriction laws.

Ecolawn Proudly Backs Up Hydretain and Its Other Hygroscopic Humectant

Many times, these types of miracle products are the tools of the trade for snake oil salespeople.

However, Hydretain is different. It’s not just a pie in the sky product. It works. Top land grant universities throughout the U.S. have tested Hydretain and wrote about their results. These universities published case studies and before/after pictures.

What can the customer expect from Hydretain and other hygroscopic humectants?

You’ll notice the results already mentioned above. You can expect:

  • Your lawn won’t go from green to brown.
  • Your lawn and landscape will thrive despite a drought and water restrictions.
  • You only need one treatment per season. One treatment will last three months covering the entire summer.
  • You can have a second treatment in late summer and early fall if you believe your lawn and gardens need one.

Why should you get the Hydretain applications through us at Ecolawn rather than our competitors?

For one simple reason: Not many other Salt Lake City, Park City or Heber-Midland lawn care companies provide this service for UT homeowners and property managers.

Plus, Ecolawn’s owner, Rob AhPing tested Hydretain to make sure it delivered on its promises, and he found that the product does work.

Rob also met the manufacturer and got training to use the product on residential and commercial lawns.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s water-saving products over anyone else?

You can trust us. We’ve studied this product and found it works on Utah’s lawns and gardens. Plus, it’s a safe product to use around children and pets. Hydretain and our other water-saving product don’t have any harmful chemicals that are released into the soil or air.

And our water-saving products benefit the soil and the environment. You use less outdoor water, and the products are designed to keep water in the ground where it’s needed most.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s water-saving products over anyone else?

When you hire Ecolawn to treat your lawn with Hydretain or a similar water-saving product, you’ll be working with experts. Our focus is on helping the environment, not making a buck with this product.

We’re concerned about Utah’s drought-situation, and we’re passionate about helping solve the problem rather than contributing to it. We work hard to find that sweet spot where you can have a beautiful lawn without wasting water.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s water-saving products over anyone else?

First, your property will suffer as mentioned above. Plus, other lawn care companies may not have our values when it comes to protecting the local environment and our waterways.

It’s easy to cut corners with this product because it’s expensive. So, an unscrupulous lawn service may use less product, charging you the same price as if they used the promised amount. And you wouldn’t know the difference until later in the summer when dry spots appear on your lawn and your landscape plants start to wilt.

How are Hydretain and other water-saving products applied to my lawn and gardens?

Since Hydretain and other water-saving products need heavy volume to apply to your property, we use our tanker trucks with hoses or spreaders for granular products.

Hydretain and other water-saving products do need watering to absorb into the ground. We can treat your lawn and landscape on a drizzly or damp day to save you even more water and money.

Aeration and Overseeding

Ecolawn Core Aeration and Overseeding Services

Core aeration and overseeding services are one of the best products you could invest in for your Utah lawn. It’s low cost and gives your lawn the much-needed care to survive and thrive in Utah’s arid climate.

Since Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber-Midway are in the mountains, the soil is more desert/clay soil. Utah soils are very hard, and soil compaction is a reality for all Utah lawns.

We recommend aeration two times a year—one time in the spring and another time in the fall.

Why Your Lawn Needs Overseeding Services in the Fall

In addition to aeration services, we recommend overseeding your UT lawn in the fall because your lawn grass is low on viable seeds. Low turf seed banks invite weed seeds to take over your property the following spring. So, we recommend that we aerate and overseed your lawn in the fall to build up your lawn’s seed bank

Ecolawn’s Aeration Service: How It Works

For our aeration services, we use an aerator to pull small plugs of soil out of the ground. Aeration opens up the soil to receive water, sunlight and oxygen.

It also allows carbon dioxide to release from the soil as well as helps with thatch reduction and encourages deep root growth. The soil plugs dissolve back into the ground the next time it rains or you water your lawn.

We also have an organic aeration product that works the same way as traditional aeration—but without the aerator and the soil plugs. It’s an organic liquid aeration that helps feed the soil as well as loosening it up.

As homeowners living in Salt Lake City, Park City, and Heber-Midway, UT, you desire a beautiful, dense lawn that leaves no room for weeds.

Plus, you want to avoid brown spots and turfgrass death occurring during the dry, hot summers. Aeration and overseeding services help prevent these lawn problems from developing.

The Benefits of Ecolawn’s Lawn Care Services

When you invest in our organic and hybrid lawn care services, you’re going to reduce the number of harmful chemicals used on your UT lawn. Instead, you’re going to have a vibrant eco-system that starts in the soil and goes upward toward your lawn grass.

At Ecolawn Care, we hire only the best. Our technicians are degreed and certified to perform lawn services in UT. You can feel confident that your Ecolawn technicians will do an excellent job on your Park City lawn.

When you hire us, you’ll notice that we’re not a “spray and go” lawn care company. We strive for quality in every part of our business including aeration and overseeding services.

How Does Aeration and Overseeding Work?

Aeration and overseeding services open up the soil to breathe as well as receive nutrients and seed. Your lawn will stand up better to harsh Utah summers when it receives the care it needs.

Liquid aeration conserves water as well as it retains moisture deep in the soil. Roots grow downward and expand leaving your lawn with a deep root system. Liquid aeration also undoes the damage that the desert climate and hard soil cause Park City lawns.

At Ecolawn, we’re working on either your lawn grass or the soil that houses it. Your lawn’s root system will be robust because it’ll grow deep down into the ground with aeration and overseeding.

Aeration also allows seeds to be planted deeper into the soil resulting in seedlings developing deeper root systems at the same time as growing a dense and green turf aboveground.

If you don’t invest in our organic lawn care services, you’ll notice that

  • Your UT lawn will thin out, allowing weeds to take over your Heber-Midway property.
  • Your lawn won’t recover well from drought and heat stress over the summer leaving brown spots and weeds to germinate.
  • You end up wasting money because aeration services cost less than having to renovate a damaged lawn.
  • Aeration is one of the best services you can invest in because you’re making your turfgrass stronger to handle summer’s harsh weather.

You can expect healthier and deeper root systems, fewer weeds, disease and brown spots. Your lawn will be able to recover in the fall back to its original green color and thickness. Aeration again in the fall encourages deep root growth, so your lawn survives the winter and thrives the following spring.

How Long Does It Take to Notice a Difference in Your Salt Lake City Lawn?

It takes half a season to a season to see the results of your investment. Since aeration services are a low-cost item, it’s an excellent investment for protecting your lawn from the harsh Utah summers.

We have turfgrass science to back us up. Utah State University, a land grant university, has articles discussing the benefits of aeration and overseeding services for local lawns.

You Can Expect Quality Lawn Care and Exceptional Customer Service

At Ecolawn, we care about quality. We develop a holistic approach to lawn care that includes feeding and nurturing the soil as well as encouraging healthy lawn grass.

We care about our customers’ peace of mind and satisfaction with all of our organic products and services. We value customer support and communication.

If a product isn’t working or you have questions about your recent application, call, email or text us with your questions. We’ll get back to you with an answer.

Ecolawn’s quest is to find and use the best organic options on the market as well as deliver exemplary customer service.

We use a variety of equipment. For aeration and overseeding, we use an aerator and then, a slit seeder to overseed your Salt Lake City lawn.

For liquid aeration, we’ll apply an organic liquid spray made with all natural ingredients using a backpack applicator or a larger tank with a hose.

We’ll flag the area where we applied our liquid aerator, so no one walks or plays in the treated area. Even though our organic lawn products are safe, we do recommend that you wait a few hours before sending your children and pets out to play in the yard.

We’re Your One-Stop Lawn Care Service

When you become one of Ecolawn’s customers, we take copious notes of your property. We get to know your lawn so well that we know which areas need more attention compared to other parts of your property.

For example, we’ll know if one part of your lawn is more heavily compacted than another space. So, we’ll make extra passes with our aerator to loosen up that heavier soil.

We customize our lawn care services, including our core aeration and overseeding services, to benefit your unique lawn. We don’t employ a one-size fit all approach to lawn care.

If you choose one of our competitors, you may not get the same level of customization and one-on-one customer service as you would when you partner with us at Ecolawn Care.

Garden Weed Control


Organic Weed Control for Your UT Flowerbeds and Landscapes

At Ecolawn, we’re Utah and Wasatch Counties’ experts on organic lawn care and natural plant health care. We take a holistic, conservative approach to organic weed control for your UT flowerbeds and landscapes.

We use an OMRI-certified product that uses ammonium soap of fatty acids to attack the weeds in your gardens, along your driveway and in your sidewalks.

Organic Weed Control for Your UT Flowerbeds and Landscapes

At Ecolawn, we provide natural weed control for your Salt Lake City and Provo flowerbeds and landscapes.

We spray flowerbeds, mulched areas and stone areas with our organic weed control. We’re mindful not to spray your plant investment including native, perennial and annual landscape plants.

We use a product that contains ammonium soap of fatty acids. It’s a soap that’s sprayed directly onto the weeds. It doesn’t live in your soil. Instead, it’s absorbed into the weeds, so they wither and die from the plant aboveground to their root system below-ground.

Our ammonium soap of fatty acids translocates throughout the plant. You’re able to plant domesticated flowers, shrubs and other landscapes plants right after we apply this product.

The fatty acids in the soap destroy the weed’s cell walls and leave them open for exposure. You’ll notice weeds start to curl up and begin dying hours after application. This natural weed control works faster than other organic bed and landscapes weed controls.

It’s also 100% safe to use in your gardens and landscaped areas. It doesn’t stay in the soil—a matter of fact, it doesn’t go into the ground at all. It’s low-risk and non-toxic.

Who should hire Ecolawn to apply this weed control on their property?

If you don’t want harmful chemicals added to your soil, then this is a beautiful alternative. Weeds won’t take over your gardens and landscapes. Plus, you won’t have to spend your entire weekend pulling weeds.

Our Ecolawn technicians will gently spray ammonium soap of fatty acids on your weeds found in walkways, flowerbeds and along driveways.

Our organic weed solution can meet most budgets. Prices are starting to drop for this product, and Ecolawn buys so much of it that they get a bulk discount that they pass onto you.

What value will this be to you?

You’ll see the value of this plant health care service when you don’t have any weeds in your flowerbeds, along with your driveway or in walkways. You get great results.

You’ll save time and back pain when you don’t need to spend your weekends working on your landscapes. Plus, you have peace of mind that ammonium soap of fatty acids isn’t harmful to your family including your pets.

Ammonium soap of fatty acids won’t destroy the soil. You only need to let it dry on the plant.

The best part: Ammonium soap of fatty acids is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed. Ammonium soap of fatty acids meets all of OMRI’s guidelines for an organic product.

What are the benefits of using ammonium soap of fatty acids for landscapes weed control?

You see the results when you don’t have obnoxious weeds popping up in your property. It kills all types of weeds—including broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Here are some other benefits of using ammonium soap of fatty acids:

  • It’s safe to use
  • It doesn’t stay in the soil like traditional weed controls
  • It doesn’t harm the soil’s ecosystem
  • It doesn’t run off into storm water drains
  • You can plant flowers, shrubs and ornamental trees right after we apply the solution.

What’s the cost of NOT using this weed control from Ecolawn?

Ammonium soap of fatty acids is an organic replacement for Round-Up. You don’t have to worry about exposing yourself, your family or your pets to chemicals that could harm them.

Ammonium soap of fatty acids doesn’t harm the soil either. Traditional weed controls absorb into the ground, sterilizing it as well as killing earthworms and other beneficial organisms that keep your soil active and viable.

Compared to traditional weed controls, ammonium soap of fatty acids only goes on the plant—and only affects the weed. It doesn’t leach into the soil, and it won’t flush into your well water either.

Plus, when the soap breaks down, it doesn’t have any harmful coatings leaching into the soil or water supply either.

What are the results of Ecolawn’s organic weed control service for beds and landscapes?

Every landscape is different. On the first day, you should notice that the weeds are dulling in color and their leaves are curling. In a few weeks, small weeds will be gone.

However, if you have weeds that are 10” and larger, it’ll take them longer to shrivel up and die.

On average, we visit your property for organic weed control every four weeks. Weed control’s efficacy depends on the weather. For example, if Park City has a period of rain a few days to a week after we apply organic weed control, the product will dilute and not be as effective.

Why does weed control decrease in efficacy? The weeds in your beds and along your driveway will still absorb the ammonium soap of fatty acids, but any rain we have will wash off some of the product.

If you put synthetic weed control on your flowerbeds and landscapes, the product will go into the soil and killing the weeds from the ground upward. But it means that you’re also putting more chemicals into the soil, irritating earthworms and other organisms living there.

We Can Back Up Our Organic Weed Control Claims

We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied after our application of ammonium soap of fatty acids. This organic product has been studied and tested on crops and fields for effectiveness. Researchers back up that ammonium soap of fatty acids does work as natural weed control.

Remember, ammonium soap of fatty acids is OMRI-certified. OMRI-certified seeks organic products that don’t harm the environment, but rather enhance it.

If you want more information about ammonium soap of fatty acids, we’ll be happy to share the ingredients list with you, or you can call Rob AhPing, Ecolawn’s owner with your questions.

What can you expect from Ecolawn’s organic weed control service?

When you hire us to apply ammonium soap of fatty acids to your landscaped areas, you can be confident that we’re using the best application process that doesn’t leave an environmental footprint.

Instead, we ask that you call, email or text us with any concerns, questions or complaints.

Organic weed control is a tricky product since the weather influences it. There are times when we’ll need to reschedule your appointment because of rain or wind in the forecast.

Why should you get our organic weed control service from us rather than our competitors?

There are four reasons why we’re the right choice for applying ammonium soap of fatty acids to your flowerbeds, landscapes and along your driveway:

  1. We charge you a lower price on your organic weed control service since we buy it at bulk. We get a reasonable price for the product, and we pass those savings onto you.
  2. We’re experts in organic lawn care and organic plant health care. The owner, Rob AhPing has studied organic plant health care for years and is very knowledgeable on organic weed control products.
  3. We’re honest and open to your questions or concerns. We take our organic plant health care seriously. If you’re not satisfied or not sure about the product we use on your property, we want to hear your questions and concerns.
  4. We use the minimal amount of our organic weed control on your property. We use backpacks and sprayers to apply our organic weed control product. We don’t want to overspray or spray the wrong plants. Our backpacks and low-pressure sprayers allow us more control to target the weeds with ammonium soap of fatty acids.

What’s the value of using Ecolawn’s organic weed control service over anyone else?

When you hire us to apply organic weed control to your property, you can rest assured that you’re hiring a transparent and trustworthy company. We stand behind our ammonium soap of fatty acids—that it’ll work on your property.

If you find that the product isn’t working, call us during our business hours, and we’ll make it right for you.

We’re experts in organic plant health care and organic weed control. Our competitors use organic products with a synthetic weed control mindset—that overspraying will do more good than harm.

However, we disagree. We use the least amount of organic ammonium soap of fatty acids to get the best results in your flowerbeds and landscapes.

What are the benefits of using Ecolawn’s organic weed control program over anyone else?

There are five benefits of using our organic weed control service over anyone else:

  1. We specialize in natural plant health care. We use only safe, organic products. Your kids and pets can go outside right after we apply the product to your landscaped areas.
  2. Our customers have peace of mind that their family and pets won’t be harmed by our products. We’re experts in organic plant health care—we’ve invested in learning all we can about organic plant care.
  3. Ecolawn, our company, is built around organic lawn care and organic plant health care.
  4. We use the best quality organic products available, so we’re leaving only a small footprint.
  5. We believe in open communication and transparency. We welcome your questions and concerns. We’ll also coach you on proper plant health care techniques to employ in between appointments.

What’s the cost of NOT using Ecolawn’s organic weed control service?

Many landscape maintenance companies don’t understand how organic weed control products work. They treat a weed problem using organic solutions—but the organic weed controls may not be the right formula or may be too harsh for the soil, and its eco-system.

At Ecolawn, we take a holistic, organic approach to tackling your weed issues. We consider the entire soil food web before we apply any ammonium soap of fatty acids onto your Salt Lake City flowerbeds, landscapes, sidewalks and driveways.

We don’t want to harm the microorganisms and other living things that work in unity to create a robust, healthy eco-system. So, we don’t use harmful products, and we don’t overspray our organic products. Instead, we take care of and use our natural weed control products conservatively.

How is ammonium soap of fatty acids delivered?

Since we take a more conservative approach to our organic weed control applications, we use backpacks with low-pressure sprayers. We don’t spray on windy days, and we only use the amount needed to target the weed and kill it.

Our backpacks and low-pressure sprayers allow us to target weeds only, not landscape plants. They also help us use the least amount of product as possible to get the best results.

Noxious Weed Control


At Ecolawn, we are pioneers in controlling and managing noxious weeds in Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City, UT. We not only evaluate your land for noxious weeds, but we form a long-range plan and a team to reduce noxious weeds from your property.

We provide these services to local governments, HOAs, property managers and residential properties.

What Are Noxious Weed Control Services?

At Ecolawn, we provide noxious weed control to help homeowners and landowners to comply with Utah’s Rule R-68-9 Utah Noxious Weed Act. Weed control is a normal part of a residential lawn care program. However, our noxious weed control services handle noxious weeds differently compared to typical lawn weeds.

Utah Weed Control Association classifies noxious weeds into A, B and C types based on the weeds’ population throughout Utah. Here are the seven most common noxious weeds found in the Wasatch Range, UT:

  1. Bindweed
  2. Dalmatian Toadflax
  3. Dyers Woad
  4. Hoary Cress (white head)
  5. Houndstongue
  6. Knapweed
  7. Thistle (Canada, Musk and Scotch).

We use a product called Milestone to destroy noxious weeds in the early stages. When noxious weeds reach full maturity, it requires the plant to be taken down carefully to prevent seed heads from depositing new seeds.

Milestone is not an organic weed control product, but it’s on the EPA’s list of reduced-risk herbicides.

When you hire us to deal with your property’s noxious weeds, we’ll walk on your property to take a noxious weed evaluation. Then our technicians will apply Milestone to young weeds.

For weeds that have reached maturity, we collaborate with a company that will provide mechanical services to remove the stalks and seed heads for you. It’s impossible to kill the noxious weed seed heads using Milestone, so our partners will remove the seed heads carefully from the plant.

Then our technicians can spot spray the plants’ crown and surrounding weed leaves to destroy the remaining part of the plant and any of its offshoots.

Who’s the Right Client for Noxious Weed Control?

The right customers for Ecolawn’s noxious weed control program include property owners with non-lawn areas. For example, we work with many government agencies that own trailheads or property owners with pastures and fields.

We help to keep biking and hiking trails open for use as well as fields and pastures manageable by removing noxious weeds.

Noxious weed control is also for people who are concerned with the environment and who own property. Noxious weeds put the surrounding environment off-balance by their growth and seed dispersion.

Another type of customer includes homeowners who may have noxious weeds growing on the outskirts of their property. Homeowners may face fines and liens on their homes for out-of-control noxious weeds on their property.

What’s the Real Value of This Service to Property Managers and Local Government Agencies?

The real value of Ecolawn’s noxious weed control program not only consists of getting rid of current noxious weeds but also creating a program to manage these weeds in the future.

For example, some of these weeds grow up to 12’ to 20’ tall. Noxious weeds block trails, and they’re potentially poisonous to dogs and horses. Noxious weeds are invasive and can take over an area if they’re not correctly controlled.

Noxious weeds will take over native grasslands and ruin the pastoral flow of a meadow. Also, your neighbors don’t like to see noxious weeds on your property because the seed heads will disperse onto their property—costing them money and time to get rid of these weeds.

What Does Noxious Weed Control Do?

When you hire us at Ecolawn, we start your noxious weed control program by first assessing the extent of noxious weeds on your property. Our noxious weed control services are different from regular lawn care assessments. For example, homeowners can upload pictures of their weed problems to our customer service web site for an evaluation.

Our technicians need to visit your property in person to see your noxious weeds firsthand. We need to observe the extent of your weed infestation, design a plan to get those noxious weeds under control as well as set up a plan to destroy the plants already dotting your pasture or field.

We also need to take note of where these noxious weeds are located. Noxious weed control is not a one-size-fits-all program. Indeed, if noxious weeds are near wetlands, or too close to the city limits, we need to design a plan that involves controlling the weeds without polluting local waterways and killing beneficial insects.

We don’t handle any mechanical services. Instead, we hire a landscaping company who owns heavy equipment. There are times where we have to remove noxious weeds using no weed controls because of a wetland, streams or the weeds are too close to city limits.

We hire contractors who own heavy equipment such as bush hogs, Bobcats, and weedwackers to handle any mechanical weed removal.

We’ll visit your property three times throughout the season to make a note of the weed control’s progress in eliminating noxious weeds from your property. We’ll also coach you in best management practices to keep noxious weeds off your property or at least keep them under control.

How Ecolawn’s Noxious Weed Control Program Benefits You

Our noxious weed control program helps both city agencies as well as private property owners in Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City, UT.

  • Local government agencies benefit by having open trailheads that are safe for walkers and horseback riders to take their pets on your trails. Your trails look balanced, safe and manageable. We also make the local area look beautiful without these large weeds competing for open space.

Some of these noxious weeds are poisonous to dogs and horses. So, we remove them to keep your pets safe while walking or riding them on Park City or Salt Lake City’s regional trails.

  • Property owners and HOAs benefit by hiring a “one-stop shop” for all of their noxious weed problems. At Ecolawn, we’re willing to make extra visits, help form a plan to control noxious weeds with minimal impact on the local environment, educate homeowners through workshops with their HOAs, and take the burden off property managers dealing with noxious weeds.

What It’ll Cost You Not to Use Ecolawn’s Noxious Weed Control Program

We’re the only organic noxious weed control provider in the area. We take a holistic approach to noxious weed control, and we have contracts with government agencies in Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City to manage noxious weeds on their trails and open areas.

Here eight costs associated with not using our noxious weed control program:

  1. You risk getting a lien on your house: It’s against the law not to control noxious weeds on your property.
  2. You’ll have to deal with government agriculture or other agencies to get a plan drawn up to control noxious weeds on your property.
  3. Noxious weeds make your property look sloppy and unbalanced.
  4. Noxious weeds negatively impact your property’s soil making it difficult for native plants to grow, and they take over your pasture or range.
  5. Noxious weeds take away from the beauty of Utah’s natural landscapes.
  6. You, your children and pets risk injury from allowing noxious plants to grow on your property. As noted earlier, some noxious weeds are poisonous to dogs and horses. And some could be harmful to children if they pick up and eat the seedpods.
  7. If you’re a DIY’er, you need to handle all of the mechanical and herbicide controls. It’s hard work to remove noxious weeds—especially when they reach 6’, 12’ and even 20’.
  8. If you don’t understand how to use weed controls, you could end up over-applying herbicides which run-off into waterways or kill native plants, insects and pollinators.

What Can You Expect from Ecolawn’s Noxious Weed Control Service?

When you hire us at Ecolawn to design a program to remove and manage noxious weeds on your property, you can expect to get results. Here are three expectations of Ecolawn’s noxious weed control program:

  1. Significant reduction of noxious weeds to a tolerable and acceptable threshold: You won’t be able to rid your property of noxious weeds completely because they’re invasive. In the future, we hope to find a high-quality product to eradicate noxious weeds from the Heber-Midway, Park City and Salt Lake City’s landscapes. Currently, we have a holistic, minimally invasive program to manage noxious weeds on your property.
  2. Your acreage will look manicured without these tall weeds scattered across your property: You will again experience balance and tidiness when your land isn’t dotted with these noxious weeds.
  3. You can start fresh the next growing season with a clean property: We guarantee a significant reduction of noxious weeds on your property. Our goal is to get your large property or trails down to no more than 10 noxious weeds per year. When your property is cleaned up from noxious weeds, you can renew your contract with us to visit your property three times per year to keep the noxious weed population under control.

We back up our claims through testimonials and our gallery. Look at our customers’ before and after pictures.

Plus, our experience and our customers’ satisfaction is evident. We have hundreds of happy customers. Also, we have an excellent reputation in the Wasatch Range area for our noxious weed control program. We provide services to

  • HOAs
  • Government agencies
  • Private homeowners and property owners.

Rosette Weed Control

Why Ecolawn is the Right Choice for Noxious Weed Control

Ecolawn is the first organic lawn care company in the Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber-Midway, UT region to develop a comprehensive noxious weed control program.

Rob Ah Ping, the owner of Ecolawn, learned about the noxious weed lifecycle, the time of year to treat them and then, he designed a program to keep your noxious weeds under control.

If you choose to go with cheaper lawn service, you’re risking the following:

  • Technicians who don’t know how to remove and destroy noxious weeds properly.
  • The wrong herbicides may be used to kill noxious weeds.
  • If the lawn service’s crews spray with abandon, herbicides will run off into Utah’s waterways poisoning wildlife.
  • Cheaper lawn services don’t take the time to find the root cause of noxious weeds and create a program that benefits the local eco-system. Instead, their solutions are more of a band-aid variety, a temporary fix for an ongoing problem.
  • The lawn service may inadvertently kill wildlife, native plants and pollinators.

At Ecolawn, we provide

  • A product that is safe to use.
  • We care about the environment by reducing the amount of wasted product used on noxious weeds.
  • We also use an eco-friendly program focused on effective management of noxious weeds.
  • We’ll catch noxious weeds at an earlier stage to reduce the amount of herbicides and mechanical services done to repair your property.
  • We use eco-friendly products to protect the environment.
  • At Ecolawn, we get to the root of the problem by diagnosing the soil and other conditions favoring noxious weed growth.

How We Deliver Our Noxious Weed Control Services

When you hire us at Ecolawn to control your noxious weeds, we use a variety of equipment and tools, such as

  • Four-wheelers
  • Electric and pump backpacks
  • 400-gallon tanks mounted on trucks
  • Riding sprayers.

The terrain and the property size determines what pieces of equipment we use to apply noxious weed control to your property. Our goals include using the least amount of herbicides on your property as well as using equipment that removes noxious weeds without harming the property’s other native plants.

We’re currently trying a new strategy by placing native plants that can detoxify the noxious weeds as well as covering the ground to make it difficult for noxious weeds seeds to start germinating.

Ultimately, we want to get rid of noxious weeds through native plants. We’re committed to a cleaner weed removal system.

Plant Fertilization


Plant Health Care for Flowerbeds and Shrubs

You want to hire Ecolawn to nurture your Heber-Midway, Park City or Salt Lake City gardens and landscape. We use only 100% organic fertilizers, compost teas, soil amendments and weed controls.

Our products produce healthy, weed-free flowerbeds and shrubbery while invigorating the soil to build plants that are robust and pop with color.

Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care for Flowerbeds and Ornamental Shrubs

At Ecolawn, we provide homeowners in Summit, Wasatch, Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties plant health care for their flowerbeds. We designed our organic fertilizer blend to give nutrients to flowerbeds and ornamental shrubs.

And yet, our organic plant health care doesn’t extend to tree care. If you need tree health care, we partner with a local arborist to provide that care for you.

We don’t provide plant installation, pruning or mulching. We only specialize in creating an organic fertilization program that includes soil amendments to transform a low energy soil into one that produces bright, bold flowers and verdant leaves and stems.

We also provide a flower and shrub weed control program. Our organic weed control program contains 100% natural products including citrus, clove, mint, vinegar and fatty acids. There are no smelly egg odors, only citrus, clove and mint scents.

Our organic weed control kills grassy and broadleaf weeds on contact. So, you won’t have to hand-pull weeds in the hot, summer sun. Instead, our weed control kills the weeds.

It does take about two weeks to see the weed leaves start to curl up and die. We’ll visit your gardens regularly over the summer to keep weeds from invading your flowerbeds.

If you have a bed where weeds have overtaken it, we won’t be able to spray our organic weed control. For example, if weeds are growing out of the middle of a hosta, we won’t spray around the ornamental plant because our mixture will kill your hosta as well as the weeds inhabiting it.

Our Flowerbed and Shrub Health Care with Weed Control Includes These Services

When you invest in our organic plant health care with natural weed control, you’re guaranteed to have knowledgeable and highly trained technicians, additional service calls as needed, and a customized plant health care program.

Since every UT property is different, we customize our plant health care program to meet your schedule and plant needs. Also, we’ll maintain your gardens with our fertilization treatments and additional weed control throughout the summer.

Our organic weed control works best on grassy and broadleaf weeds. If you have invasive groundcover, like ivy, our products may not work to get rid of them. Instead, you can make a special request for us to remove overgrown groundcovers for you.

How Do You Benefit from Our Organic Plant Health Care and Weed Control?

Customers who are busy and want to enjoy their outdoor space are perfect for our plant health care services. We save you time and energy.

As we mentioned before, our weed control products take away the need to hand-pull weeds. Instead, you can now entertain friends and family in your backyard without having to spend hours removing weeds before your guests arrive.

When you hire us, you’ll be getting a beautiful landscape that you want to show off to everyone who visits your home. You’ll come home from a busy day at the office and observe your colorful landscapes that create the perfect curb appeal.

The real benefits you’ll receive are

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Increase in your property value
  • Decreased workload since our organic products take away the hours spent weed-pulling
  • You’ll be content and satisfied because your property looks the way you want it to—magnificent!
  • Other benefits from hiring us to work on your Heber-Midway landscape include installing native plants to improve the look of your property rather than pesky weeds taking over your flowerbeds.
  • You also get a healthier soil and plants since weeds take valuable real estate in your flowerbeds.

What Is the Cost of Not Investing in Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care Program?

If you decide not to hire us at Ecolawn for your plant health care needs, you’ll notice that weeds will overtake your flowerbeds. And you’ll need to spend a good chunk of time and money to renovate your landscape when weeds overcome it.

Likewise, your entire landscape is thrown off-balance and looks unkempt because you aren’t using organic fertilizer, soil amendments and weed control.

If you choose to go with a name brand, synthetic fertilizers and weed controls, you’ll notice a reduced earthworm population and that you’ll need to keep using more and more products to get the same desired effect.

Plus, if your property is in an HOA, you’re responsible for keeping your flowerbeds and shrubs looking uniform and well maintained.

If you hire a competitor, you may end up with 10 people on your yard pulling weeds. It’ll cost you about $12,000 per season to pay for the weed pulling and plant health maintenance where crews are on your property a half a day or longer.

And yet, if you hire us to fertilize and treat your beds with organic products, you’ll pay $2,000 less per season compared to our competitors. We’re also on your property for 15 minutes per treatment evaluating your landscape as well as applying our products.

Finally, our products are 100% natural and are safe to use around pets and children. You don’t have that same assurance when you hire traditional landscape maintenance companies.

What Are the Results of Using Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care and Weed Control Products and Services?

When you hire us to apply organic fertilizer, soil amendments and weed control to your beds and shrubs, you’ll notice that your beds and landscape are looking vibrant, colorful and weed-free.

You’ll notice your plants have less fungal diseases because our organic foliar spray protects your plants from disease. You’ll also observe your plants are healthier, stronger, and more resilient. Plus, your flowerbeds are cleaner, and your entire property looks well maintained.

How Does Ecolawn Back Up Its Claims?

Look at our gallery of before and after photos. You’ll notice right away a difference of how your Park City neighbors’ beds and landscape looked like before they hired us. You’ll also see how their gardens improved after we applied our products.

We also have customer testimonials and research to back us up. For example, our owner, Rob Ah Ping, has researched and trained with a compost tea specialist. He has observed that the soil’s food web improves with organic fertilizers, compost teas and other soil amendments.

Rob also knows from experience and study that when you use organics in any soil where you want plants to grow and thrive, you’ll notice that you’re using fewer chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

So, organic plant health care and weed control improves your plants’ soil as well as contributes to less synthetic chemicals used for plant health.

Finally, you’ll notice that your plants have less fungal diseases. Why? Because our compost teas contain beneficial bacteria and fungi that fight off the bad fungi invading your plants.

What Can a Salt Lake City Homeowner Expect from Ecolawn’s Services?

Your expectations should align with how many weeds your gardens have as well as if you’ve been using synthetic fertilizer for a while.

Our organic weed killer works quickly to reduce weeds in your garden than traditional herbicides. Your weeds will lose their color, vitality and will start to wilt. In a matter of days, you’ll notice your weeds dying after we apply our organic weed control products.

Our organic weed control reaches all the way down to the plants’ root system making sure that the weed is destroyed without compromising the soil’s eco-system.

Since our organic fertilizer and amendments work with the soil, you’ll notice a darker, healthier soil. You’ll observe that your plants are more vibrant in color too.

Why Should You Get Your Organic Plant Health Care and Weed Control from Us Rather Than Our Competitors?

In the Wasatch Range, we don’t have any competitors at this time. However, our organic plant health program is unique. Rob makes all of his compost teas in-house ensuring that your soil gets all of the microorganisms it needs to rehabilitate.

Further, Rob is dedicated to furthering his education and finding quality, organic products. At Ecolawn, we aren’t a quick-fix company. Indeed, we’re committed to your property’s well-being, growth and beautiful curb appeal.

If you go the traditional route with a landscape maintenance company that uses synthetic weed control and traditional fertilizers, you’ll be missing the health benefits that organic plant health care and weed control system do for your soil’s food web and the surrounding eco-system.

Also, you run the risk of hiring uncertified technicians who’ll spray product willy-nilly risking storm water contamination and our natural waterways will have more pollution.

The value you receive from Ecolawn’s service includes getting better results with the least amount of impact on the environment. We use less product to get the same or even, better results.

What Are the Benefits of Using Ecolawn’s Plant Health Care System over Anyone Else (Even DIY’ers)

You can rest assured you’re hiring a local company that has integrity. Some companies may take illegal risks with the products they apply to your property. But at Ecolawn, our products are organic, safe and legal. Our technicians are trained and certified to use our products too.

Our organic products are safe to use around children and pets. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones touching or breathing in harmful chemicals.

Conversely, there’s more risk when you don’t hire us to apply organic plant health care and weed control products.

If you hire a company where the crews aren’t adequately trained and certified, you risk your technician spraying the wrong plant. Also, some synthetic products are harmful to both the weeds you want to get rid of as well as the ornamental plants you’re trying to nurture.

There are also safety concerns and long-term impact on your property’s eco-system when you hire a traditional landscape maintenance company to apply weed control to your Park City flowerbeds.

How Does Ecolawn Apply Their Organic Fertilizer and Weed Control to My Landscape?

You’ll notice that the majority of the time our technicians wear backpacks to spray weed control to your gardens and under shrubs. Since we want to use low-pressure when applying our products, our backpacks are battery-operated.

Our technicians take their time when they’re applying our products. Our techs want to do a thorough job when using products to your flowerbeds and shrubs.

When we feed your gardens, we use backpacks or chest-packs to spread our products right to the base of the plants. We want our organic fertilizers and soil amendments to go deep down into the soil to feed the roots and reinvigorate the soil. We use both liquid and granular fertilizer depending on what your gardens need at the time.