#03 – January lawn care tip – Should I prepay for services?

#03 – January lawn care tip – Should I prepay for services?

#14- Robot Lawn Mowers – Pros and Cons – Will they replace humans in the near future?

#14- Robot Lawn Mowers – Pros and Cons – Will they replace humans in the near future

#2- Doug Dickie & Carbon One

Doug Dickie & Carbon One

How Misdiagnosing Lawn Problems Can Cost You Money And What To Do About It

Post Preview Many lawn care companies misdiagnose your lawn problem which costs you more money Finding the right lawn care company Know some lawn care basics to avoid unnecessary costs / upsells There is a wide number of problems your lawn could be experiencing ranging from major to minor, easy fixes. Unfortunately, though, there are …

Fertilizer 101: Which Type is Best and What Should I use on my Lawn?

    Post Preview Which is the best fertilizer between Organic and Inorganic Fully Inorganic Lawn Care Fully Organic Lawn Care Blended Lawn Care There are a lot of different fertilizers out there and none are created equal. Both organic and inorganic fertilizers have benefits, but is one better than the other? I have found …

Your Basic Lawn Care Guide: Easy Steps To A Beautiful Lawn

  It’s important to take care of your lawn, but it takes a lot more than just mowing it during the summer and throwing some fertilizer down. It’s almost a year round effort, but it’s definitely worth it. Among other things, you’ll need to do the following: Clean up any debris.  Dethatch (or power rake) …

The Eco Lawn Advantage

Highest Quality
Eco-friendly Products

  • We use safer products than traditional lawn fertilization companies.
  • We use the highest quality Eco-friendly products available.
  • We supercharge the organic nutrients and healthy microorganisms of your lawn and soil.

Safer For Children
Pets & The Environment

  • Your children and pets can play in the yard within an hour of application.
  • Our fertilizers have organic soil conditioners from natural sources and are slow-release to limit damage to the Utah environment.
  • We use the least toxic weed control on the market.

Above & Beyond
Customer Service

  • Our technicians are highly skilled, licensed experts on lawn care services and products.
  • We have local Utah customer service representatives dedicated to making sure you get the service you deserve. You can call or text us anytime.

100% Satisfaction

  • If you are not happy with a treatment or service we provide, we will work with you until you are satisfied.
  • We offer free weed touch-ups and service calls in between treatments when needed.
  • We want our customers to trust us, to know that we will solve problems, and feel they are getting the service they deserve.

A Reputation
You Can Trust

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