#22- Civitas WEEDfree – A newer product that is effective and eco-friendly

This weed control scored a 6 in EIQ (environmental impact quotient) which is pretty low (that’s a good thing) for a weed control. In this episode I discuss how it works, it’s impact on the environment and pricing. 

#20- Download this app and make a difference!

I learned about this app in Hawaii. It turns litter clean up into a fun competition. It’s great for kids and for everyone, and can be used anywhere with any amount of time that you have.   Transcript: Hey, hey, what is up everyone? This is Ete with another episode of Eco Lawn Science. I …

#19 – Interview with Spencer Ingley, PhD

This is one of my favorite episodes!I had the chance to interview Spencer at his office in beautiful Laie, Hawaii. He recently returned from a trip to Antartica that was sponsored by AirBnB and the Ocean Conservancy. He was part of a small team of 5 (out of over 140k applicants around the world) that …

#17- Grey/Pink Snow Mold Fungus (lawn)

Grey/Pink Snow Mold is a lawn fungus that many in Utah will see over the next few months. Find out what it is, what causes it, and what you can do to prevent it and save your lawn.  Transcript: Hey, Hey, what is up everyone? This is Ete with another episode of Eco Lawn Science. …

#16- The RoundUp (glyphosate) Debate

One of the hottest topics in the lawn care industry is Roundup. Over 42,000 lawsuits in 2019, countries banning it, some stores will no longer carry it, some people are angry and some defend it. In this episode I share some facts and my opinion (over 20 years around the product).  Transcript: ELS – #16- …

#15- Should I over-seed, hydro-seed, or sod?

Which is the best method to start a new lawn or to fill in bare spots in my lawn? Which method will cost less? In this episode we discuss the different methods of growing grass, the costs and which will be best for you. Transcript: Hey, hey what is up everyone? This is Ete with …

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  • Your children and pets can play in the yard within an hour of application.
  • Our fertilizers have organic soil conditioners from natural sources and are slow-release to limit damage to the Utah environment.
  • We use the least toxic weed control on the market.

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