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We’re Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving! We thought we’d take this wonderful time of year to sit back and reflect on the many great things we have to be grateful for. With full hearts we present:

Top 12 Things We at Eco Lawn Are Grateful For
(Because We Couldn’t Keep It To 10):

 12. We only had one of our trucks back into a pole.

 11. Three weeks of rain in August

 10. Kolache breakfasts and local lunch spots (Teriyaki Grill, Fairweather Foods, Whole Foods Cafe, Cafe Rio, Tarahumara, Cafe Galleria…) Bless you for your deliciousness.

 9. Improving economy and business growth

 8. Low humidity (this from 5 Jersey transplants)

 7. The anonymous “client” who keeps sending us random $8 “payments” that he claims to “owe” us.

 6. Working in the most beautiful place on the planet

 5. Local contractors who were great partners

 4. Dedicated, highly-qualified team members who make the job fun

 3. Getting to see wildlife on the job, including the porcupine that run straight at Tim and escaped up a tree. Thank you, porcupine.

 2. Being able to provide fresh drinking water for 40 people in Ethiopia through charity: water

 1. Awesome clients who are just good, quality people. They make everything worth it.


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Rated 5.0 - 40 Reviews

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